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The Mental Health Association NSW (MHA), now known as WayAhead,  is the oldest mental health charity in NSW and the  3rd oldest charity.  We are working towards making our community a happy, understanding and accepting society.

MHA  was  officially formed as the NSW Council for Mental Hygiene in 1932. After the Second World War (1956) the organisation became known as the NSW Association for Mental Health. It was under this title that the association became prominent.

From the 1960s the MHA has parented a number of groups that have formed in order to meet the specific needs of various members of the community. This includes the Alzheimer's Association; the Association for Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill (ARAFMI); and the Companionship & Help for Unmarried Mothers Service (CHUMS).

The role of WayAhead has changed at various times since its inception. The  current vision addresses parallel perspectives, finding common ground in the goal of working towards creating a community where people who have, or have had mental illness participate to their full potential in the community and the community takes seriously their own and their communities mental health.

   Today WayAhead is active  promoting mental health awareness and  community wellbeing by providing :

  • the only up to date directory of mental health services in NSW  with a list of over 3500 services www.directory.wayahead.org.au
  • and distributing free Fact Sheets - new facts sheets produced each year

by coordinating:

  • NSW Mental Health Month - October each year
  • the Workplace Health Promotion Network - making our workplaces mentally healthy
  • Perinatal Depression & Anxiety Awareness Week -November


  • presenting anxiety awareness seminars to the public and to schools
  • convening anxiety support group and 12 week anxiety self help groups for people with mild to moderate anxiety
  • running the NSW mental health information and referral lines  and the NSW anxiety information line(MHIS & ADSI)

OUR Vision is for a society that values, promotes and protects mental health and wellbeing for its citizens.

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501/80 William Street

(02) 9339 6000
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