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Merri Creek Restoration

Merri Creek Management Committee Inc.

Volunteers like you and I do most of the planting, but money is needed for plants, materials, site preparation and management of the projects. Merri Creek Management Committee has a big job as the environmental coordinator of the creek habitat corridor.

That is why we ask you, as a supporter who cares about Merri Creek, to give a tax-deductible donation to help these important projects to continue.  Your donation in previous years has already played a vital role in helping Merri Creek.

What do we do?

Donations to the Merri Creek Fund provide a long-term and independent source of funding for the benefit of Merri Creek. The Fund is managed by the Merri Creek Management Committee, a community-based not for profit group established in 1989.

The Fund supports projects that revitalise the creek and that provide vital opportunities for local communities to get involved in restoring the environment.

We are supporting:


The local community has led efforts to bring back native plants and animals to the Merri Creek and to create habitat corridors along the creek and its tributaries. Wildlife is flourishing and the peaceful surrounds are appreciated by many. But much more needs to be done to expand and link these habitat areas.

Your donation can help establish and nurture plants and improve community understanding of the creek's natural values.


You weed and care for your home garden and Merri Creek is no different.  A lot of effort is needed to make sure precious indigenous plants are not smothered by weeds and that new habitat is given the best chance to mature.

Ongoing care of habitat rarely gets government funding, yet it is vital to maximise the benefits from other restoration works and planting.

Your donation keeps habitat safe. Thank you for your interest in the health of the Merri Creek – our precious heritage, and for your part in forty years of care for the Creek.

Are donations tax deductible? Yes

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

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