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1:35 Timorese Women will die from pregnancy related complications, (UNICEF 2009) and 33:1,000 babies die within 1 month of age (Health Alliance International). In Australia the maternal mortality rate is 1:13,000.

Some of the reasons for such a high level of maternal mortality is the low utilisation of skilled assistance for pre-natal care, birth and post-natal care, as well as infection and post partum haemorrhage. Midwives East Timor Australia aims to help change this through providing financial support, training and resources.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Maternity Ambulance - 4WD Toyota Troop-carrier (needs to be under 5 years old). This will be used in a remote district of Timor Lesté to transport pregnant and labouring women to the Skilled Birth Attendant for labour and birth, to help reduce the very high maternal and neonatal mortality rates. (Cost approx AUD$50,000.) Plan to get 3 over the next 2 years.
Maternity Kits - These contain items of clothing for mother and baby and are given to them when they birth with a Skilled Birth Attendant. These are made and purchased in Timor Lesté. (Cost approx AUD$20-$30).

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