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Mission Gateway Inc

Fundraising for Christian Missions


We are raising $16,000 to finish building Mission Gateway, the online crowdfunding platform for Christian missions work that is also the access point & online hub for the Mission Gateway network.

The funds give us a completely functional website that goes live within 3 months of us reaching this goal. Any additional funds raised will increase the capability & broaden the reach of the online platform.

The website, once completed, has the ability to:

1) Register users. Registration involves successfully completing an application, interview & authentication process that determines eligibility to join the Mission Gateway network. Only registered users can crowdfund using the Mission Gateway website.

2) Launch campaigns. Registered users are able to launch a "Mission:" campaign on that specifies & describes the target community or group they aim to reach.

For example "Mission: Grace Church in Uganda", "Mission: Kiev for Jesus", "Mission: Mumbai Orphans & Widows" etc. Running a "Mission: " enables users to take advantage of features provided by the website to raise funds, ask for resources and request prayer support from partners & supporters.

3) Receive partner support. Partners wishing to support registered users simply visit or follow a referral to By searching on they can find "Mission: " campaigns they want to support with money, resources or prayer. Partners are given the opt-in opportunity to contribute to Mission Gateway's running & administration costs when making a donation.

4) Build relationships. Mission Gateway provides different levels of networking options that connect campaigners & with their supporters. From registered users can post videos, start a blog or link back to their own websites from the "Mission: " page according to their needs & interests.

The emphasis is on giving all Mission Gateway participants a platform to share their stories & encourage one another in an organic way. Pivotal to creating this sense of community is the Mission Gateway app, which provides mobile connectivity to Missionaries can conceivably send prayer requests, show videos or write to their network of supporters in real-time.

5) Ensure accountability. Mission Gateway has detailed accountability & communication protocols to ensure all parties operate with integrity & that all reasonable steps are taken to eliminate the risk of fraud occurring in the transfer of money & user/supporter information.


What is Mission Gateway?

Mission Gateway is an online community linked together through The website exists to reveal the various missions currently serving throughout the world and give believers an array of straightforward & intuitive media for providing financial & spiritual support to these missionaries.

The goal is for Mission Gateway to service a global network of passionate & strategic church-planting local congregations that actively pursue the Great Commission across generations until Christ's return.


What is our Vision?

To see the Church of Jesus Christ across denominations & cultures fulfilling the commission to make disciples of all nations.


What is our Mission?

To create a community that connects local churches & missionary workers to the wider Body of Christ for spiritual & material support as they preach the gospel to every community in the world.


Who does Mission Gateway serve?

Mission Gateway serves God and the Church of God in its response to Jesus' command to "go and make disciples of every nation, baptising them in the name of the Father and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."

All believers have a role in this great enterprise through any combination of going to preach the Gospel in a particular territory or culture, praying for the missionary effort or giving resources to those responding to the missions' call.

Mission Gateway in no way exists to minimise the central importance of the local church as God's chosen vessel for advancing his Kingdom. Mission Gateway's vision comes from within the local church for the purpose of harnessing & releasing the resources of a multitude of believers in different congregations.

It respects that authority & leadership already exist within congregations in the Body of Christ. Mission Gateway is therefore not intended to enable circumvention of these biblical structures. Rather, missionaries that join Mission Gateway must demonstrate accountability to the leaders in their local churches.


When will the website be completed?

We'll have a fully functioning website within 3 months of receiving the $16,000.



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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.