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Mission to Seafarers Victoria, The

The Mission to Seafarers - 'It's Lonely Out There'

Think of how you have been isolated - Our organisation provides for the needs of the international seafaring community. Major issues faced by seafarers include: loneliness, depression, self-harm and suicide. We are dependent on donations, special appeals, events and benefactors.

How will the funds be used?

Seafarers are mostly recruited from poorer countries on minimal wages. On arrival in Victorian ports The Mission to Seafarers (MtSV) provides transport, facilities and services that support their wellbeing. Their lives are isolated and conditions at sea are dangerous. Keeping seafarers in touch with their families and providing a safe place for rest, relaxation and counsel in times of distress and injustice contributes to sustainable shipping and works to reduce the likelihood of seafarer fatigue. Seafarers' welfare works to ensure our oceans and coastlines are in safe hands.

To maintain our Port facilities, providing a home away from home for visiting seafarers.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Your donation ensures that seafarers have the facilities such as a free wifi connection, books to read, shopping services for those who have no shore leave, an ear to listen, and support they require whilst their ship is in port. The MtSV relies on the generosity of its donors and sponsors to provide a duty of care that touches lives worldwide. Thank you for your support.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.