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Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA Inc

Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA Inc


Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA (MND SA) provides client support services to all people in South Australia whose lives have been affected by MND. We are 100% local, not for profit and our services receive no state government funding so we are reliant on donations and fundraising to be here to take the call and provide our services.

Until there's a cure, there's care and MND SA are the state association that supports South Australians with Motor Neurone Disease.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a terminal illness where the neurones controlling the muscles stop functioning correctly.  As the motor neurones fail, the muscles they control weaken and this causes disability.  Symptoms of MND are different for each person that is diagnosed.  Some people need to use a wheelchair because they can't walk anymore.  Others need to use an iPad to communicate because they can't talk anymore.  There is no known cure or effective treatment, for MND. 

MND SA educate about MND and its implications, the sources of help and support within the community as well as assist with equipment and resources to assist with daily living and communication.  MND SA also promotes research towards treatment and finding a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. 
MND SA staff two advisors and an Occupational Therapist that specialise in Motor Neurone Disease.  They are available to meet with clients and families in the office, at home or in hospital or care facilities.  MND advisors also host information sessions for interested people, service providers and community groups. These sessions educate and enable people to give the best possible care to those affected by Motor Neurone Disease. 

We are a vital source of support to local people affected by this disease and we need YOUR help.

Until there is a cure, people need care.


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