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After 4 years as a physically active, bright and bubbly 4 year old, Mia suddenly became critically ill.  She survived her fight with sepsis, but during the battle she needed to have all of her hands and feet amputated.  She is now one of very few quad amputee children in Australia.

Life without hands and feet is very challenging and our wish for her is to have high performance prosthetic limbs that can assist her to regain most of the independence that sepsis took away from her.

Unfortunately prosthetics can never give back to Mia all that she has lost, so she also needs mobility devices that will allow her to join her classmates in outdoor activities such as school sports carnivals and excursions.

If you are ever lucky enough to meet Mia you will leave the encounter heartened and inspired by this bright and bubbly child that eagerly embraces life and friendships with a beaming smile.  Your donation will support and empower Mia and her family in such a real and meaningful way as they continue to heal from their heart-breaking tragedy.

Our gift to you in return is life-saving knowledge.  Please learn about sepsis so that you and your friends can have the knowledge we didn't have to ensure you do not go through what we've been through.

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