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Mummies Paying It Forward

Winter Appeal


Help us to provide winter essentials to families in need this winter. Babies need nappies, warm clothes, a pram and a cot. Your good quality donations are amazing. But we urgently need funds to reach as many families as possible in crisis.

Emily left in the middle of the night with her 3 children - Evie, 3 months, Oliver, 2 and Zoe, 4. She knew it was time after suffering years of emotional and physical abuse by her husband. The final straw came when she saw him take a shovel into the backyard to dig her grave. She was convinced at that point that he would make-good on his threats to kill her.

Emily found herself alone, without family help and living in a women's shelter. Emily and her children literally had nothing but the clothes on their backs, given the way she had to leave her family home.

With your support, we were able to provide Emily with warm clothes for both herself and her children, as well as baby essentials including nappies, toiletries and a double pram. When these items were delivered to Emily within 48 hours of her arrival at the women’s shelter, she couldn’t believe that people she didn’t even know could care so much. Every item we took out to give her had her bending over to cry. Emily said of the double pram we gifted to her “You have no idea how much I appreciate this. This pram represents my freedom to just be able to get out, take my babies for a walk and get some fresh air into their lungs. Thank you so much”.

After several months in the women’s shelter, Emily was able to secure reduced-rate housing for her family. However, as she was a full term carer, and most of her allowance was going towards living expenses, we stepped in to help her out with linen, toys, books, and a fridge full of food.

Mummies Paying it Forward Volunteer Sue Melia spent 2 days delivering donations to her new home. She described the moment she handed over to 4 year old Zoe a brand new dress-up princess dress. Zoe’s eyes lit up and she put it on straight away, twirling with delight.

We need your help to keep providing essential items to families just like Emily’s. For warm clothes, a cot, or a baby carseat. Please make a donation now to help us to get these items out to people who need them most, as soon as possible.

We are proud of the fact that our volunteer-run organisation can respond to a call for help within 24-48 hours. We do this by redistributing your good quality used and new material items. But we need your help to do this - please make a tax-deductible donation today. A donation of:

  • $40 would would pay our rent for a day.
  • $80 would help us to fill the fridge of a mum like Emily who has moved into her own home.
  • $120 will allow us to purchase a carseat for a baby in crisis.

*We have changed the names above to protect the privacy and security of the family.


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