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Mummy's Wish is a registered not-for-profit charity supporting Australian mothers diagnosed with cancer, while either pregnant or already with young children.

Every day around Australia, 13 families have their lives turned upside down when mum is diagnosed with cancer. Your financial support can help these families with the little things in life that can get in the way of the biggest and most important things: being together and getting well.

Mummy's Wish provides tailored practical support for mums and aims to ease the burden of cancer diagnosis on mums by supporting them in a variety of ways:

  • All mums receive a "treat bag" of goodies to brighten their day. Some of these gifts are purely practical, like a notepad to help with memory loss, a common side-effect from chemotherapy. However, most of the treats are just to make the mums feel good, like a nice new toiletries bag to use in hospital, or make up and skincare. Being diagnosed with cancer when pregnant or caring for a young family is devastating and the treat bags can add a little sunshine at an otherwise bleak time.
  • All children under 12 years of age receive a voice recordable Comfort Bear so they can hear Mum's voice while she is in hospital.
  • Assistance with referrals to and information on other services and support available.
  • Help with organising and funding practical help, like delivery of nutritious meals, house-cleaning or parking while in hospital.

Our dedicated Mum's Support Coordinators help mums to navigate a pathway through their cancer treatment.

It costs approximately $2,500 to sponsor each family. Some examples of the difference your money can make include:

  • $40 - may help to buy two voice-recordable teddy bears for children of mums with cancer
  • $50 may help us buy petrol vouchers for regional mums travelling to receive cancer treatment
  • $100 may help us provide 3 hours of cleaning for a mum with cancer
  • $250 represents 3 months of hospital parking

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