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MYND Initiative Inc.

Mental Health Awareness


MYND Initiative Inc. is a mental health not-for-profit organisation, whose main aim is to educate the community that mental health matters to everyone, by stimulating and continuing conversations in the community. With a better understanding of mental health, we are more likely to seek help as well as have the compassion to support others who are going through challenges with their mental health, and in so doing create communities of understanding. 

MYND Initiative Inc. was created with a focus on the individuality and humanity that forms our mental health.  Our diverse group of members specialise in psychology, healthcare and general mental health and recognises that the different life experiences, environments and stories we live through not only impact our own mental health but influence how we look at the concept of mental health issues in general.  Mental health is an important but often misunderstood topic, and whilst there is increasing awareness, MYND aims to expand the education of communities and individuals in relation to mental health and mental illness.  

By exploring mental health issues with each member of each community, it is hoped that there will be a paradigm shift in the collective approach towards understanding mental health.  We are therefore looking to work with partners and communities to extend our reach so that one day, our collective work will ensure that mental health is viewed with the same importance as physical health. 

Ultimately, MYND Initiative Inc. seeks to reduce the stigmatisation, discrimination and isolation faced by individuals with mental illness. 

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