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NeuroSurgical Research Foundation

Neurosurgical Research General Appeal


Donations allow the funding of world class medical research into the cause, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease and injury of the brain, spine and nervous system.

Neuroscience researchers are looking for ways to improve treatments which can save lives of children and adults living with these neurosurgical and neurological conditions.

  • Brain tumours: improving treatments
  • Paediatric research: identifying trends leading to improving treatment outcomes
  • Stroke, brain haemorrhage and aneurysms: developing surgical treatments
  • Spinal cord injury: as a result of sporting or car accidents
  • Traumatic brain injury: how to halt life threatening brain swelling
  • Neurodegenration:
  • Parkinson's disease: understanding and slowing down the progression of this condition
  • Concussion: how to stop the neurodegeneration in head trauma caused by concussion

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.