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Newtown Climate

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Newtown Climate was formed by local residents who want to see a fast, fair and fun transition to zero emissions in our local area. We've been signing petitions, writing letters and taking individual action to reduce our own carbon footprints for years, and think it's time to do something on the community level

We've got a long list of ideas for things we'd like to do in and around Newtown, and the money we raise here - combined with the effort of our members, volunteers and supporters - will help bring them to life. Some of our priorities include:

  • Appreciation posters for businesses and households who are taking action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. by installing rooftop solar, getting off gas, or ditching the car for local trips)
  • Campaigns to rapidly increase local uptake of rooftop solar by households and businesses, and solve the incentive problem for landlords and tenants
  • A local zero emissions transport fair to showcase exciting alternatives to fossil fueled transport
  • A community survey, community meetings and other events to build an informed picture of what the local zero emissions transition could and should look like
  • Supporting local non-profit organisations to transition to zero emissions

Donations will help fund our operational expenses and campaigns and ensure we have enough in the kitty to get things moving. Anticipated expenses in the first half of 2023 include:

  • Membership fees for climate networks
  • Printing, social media ads and web hosting to get the word out
  • Venue hire and insurance for Newtown Climate events
  • Basic office supplies
  • Software subscriptions and licences

Donations will supplement the money we collect from membership fees and any income we receive from local government grants. If you're interested in our work but haven't yet signed up as a member please also consider doing so!

If you'd like more information or want to help out in another way please contact us at

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