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Nexus Care Inc

Nexus Care - giving people a fresh start


Food insecurity is not just a third world issue; it's an issue right here in our local community.

Nexus Care is a not for profit organisation on Brisbane's Northside passionate about seeing people journey towards wholeness and find a 'fresh start' in life.

Nexus Care reaches out to our local community, helping to relieve poverty and distress through providing people-focused and evidence-based services.

Why Nexus Care?

Poverty in Australia is a silent burden many Australians carry.

  • 2.5 million Australians live in poverty including 17.7% of Australian children
  • Every month, 60,000 Australians seeking food relief are turned away for lack of resources.

The negative impacts of poverty and disadvantage on all areas of life - physical, social and emotional - are incredibly real and difficult to break.

Nexus Care has strategically developed key programs that help relieve this burden and assist those in hardship to find a fresh start.

What we do:

Fresh Start Food Program

  • Food Parcels With A Difference - Created by a community nutritionist, the Fresh Start Program supports over 120 families in hardship every month with nutritious food parcels including lean meat, dairy, pantry staple items and fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as provides support to local homeless feeding programs.
  • Cooking Classes - These frequently run classes aim to help people obtain the skills necessary to make nutritious meals and get the most benefit from the food parcels for themselves and their families.
  • School Breakfast Programs - Every week, Nexus Care provides nourishing breakfasts including milk, yoghurt, fruit and toast to over 550 children and teenagers across 6 schools in the Brisbane North area as well as creating a fun environment for students to hang out.

COACH © Family Mentoring Program

This evidence-based program provides a long term, community development approach to poverty. The program involves trained volunteer coaches who meet regularly with at risk families to help them achieve life goals.

Community Connect Programs

These programs were developed in response to significant levels of social isolation and loneliness observed locally. The programs are designed to build social connectedness and promote improved mental health and include:

  • monthly community morning teas and craft sessions
  • school holiday programs
  • community Christmas events
  • personal development programs
  • refugee support.

What can you do to help?

Your gift can help Nexus Care reach more people and help someone find a fresh start in life. For example:

  • $25 - will provide 60 healthy meals for people in hardship
  • $1000 - will fund a school holiday program for at risk kids
  • $2000 - will fund 12 months in the COACH program for at risk families
  • $4500 - will provide a school with the breakfast program for a whole year

How can I find out more?

Visit for more information or phone 07 3353 7230.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.