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No Sky Rail: Frankston Line

No Sky Rail on Frankston Line


The LXRA have now released their "options" for the level crossings on the Frankston Line.

We are busy challenging the myths about how great elevated rail is and are debunking the many falsehoods about Rail Under Road.

We are printing thousands of leaflets proving that Rail Under Road is a very viable option for each crossing. We also had a very successful Walk Against Elevated Rail recently and are planning more events.

But all this costs money. So that's why we have set up this donation fund. So our supporters can show their support through the hip pocket and chip in a couple of dollars to help pay for the myriad of costs that we incur.

Please donate whatever you can. Rememer, we are volunteers and do not accept donations from any political party or any other organisation. So we need your financial help. Every little bit help!

Thanks in advance.

Willem Popp on behalf of the No Sky Rail Frankston Line Community Association.


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228 Station St

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.