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Nusatenggara Association Inc

100 Tanks Campaign


Tanks and Toilets – building blocks for community health and wellbeing 

Access to reliable, clean water radically improves people's daily lives. Without dependable and ready access, many face the continuous burden of carting unclean water from changing, distant sources. As a result, many adults and children have limited access to vitally important education, income and food-producing activities.

Unclean sources of water make things tougher. Hygiene is a critical issue, with many exposed to high levels of disease and debilitating diarrhoea. Malnutrition is rampant, with a third of individuals experiencing stunted growth.

In a location where dry seasons can last up to 8 long months, communities and families are often forced to make critical decisions concerning water use.

However, the solution to this crisis is very simple.
For three decades, the NTA has formed relationships with communities throughout East Indonesia to jointly build 15,000-litre concrete water tanks. For just $450 NTA provides materials for each tank plus guided support to ensure the community constructs a product that will pass the test of time.

NTA has already funded more than a 1000 tanks but there is an urgent need for many more. 

How will the funds be used?

Funds will be used to construct 100 off the roof water tanks aimed at providing poor farming families with fresh reliable water and releasing them from the daily burden of carting water from often distant locations. 


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