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One Family At A Time Ltd

One Family At A Time Ltd


One Family At A Time Ltd has a focus on the four pillars of education, housing, employment and health care. We work directly with rural communities in Cambodia to provide tailored support for families and communities to ensure that all projects are sustainable in the longer term. We are determined to support equity in all that we do and have a particular focus on supporting girls with quality education and women with sustainable employment. 

We raise funds for a variety of purposes - generating funds for small business start-ups, building safe and secure housing, providing safe water and sanitation, providing dental, general and maternal / newborn healthcare and purchasing books and supplies for schools in highly disadvantaged areas such as Samroang Yea and Svay Leu Communes. 

The families we work alongside are those who are most disadvantaged and exist on roughly $1USD per day.


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PO Box 312

0407 040 447

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.