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Operation STITCHES

Disadvantaged Children Support


Operation STITCHES is a non-profit community organisation registered as a Public Benevolent Institution and endorsed as a DGR with the Australian Taxation Office. Operation STITCHES outreaches to Melbourne's inner-city Public Housing estates with its mission of helping young people make right choices to bring about positive change. Its target is those who grow up within a low socio-economic family status and are disadvantaged by their environment on these inner-city housing estates with social marginalisation, suicide, drug abuse, sexual abuse, family and racial violence surrounding their lives on a daily basis.

An increased migrant intake in recent years on these estates has also increased ethnic tensions in these communities with several youth gangs and faction groups emerging who carry weapons.

Operation STITCHES is pro-active in preventing young persons become the drug pushers, gang members and criminals of tomorrow. It is impacting the future of these young lives through constantly presenting positive life choices through various exciting programs, skills and activities.

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