Save the Children Australia

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Climate change and disaster risk reduction

Your donation can go towards helping children adapt to climate change and become more resilient to natural and man-made disasters.

Children in Crisis

Children in Crisis helps Save the Children respond on the frontline, whenever and wherever kids are in critical need.


Your donation can go towards helping children survive preventable diseases like pneumonia, diarrhoea, measles and malaria, and help more babies survive childbirth with the help of a skilled attendant.

Syrian Crisis

The situation for Syria's children is critical. They urgently need your support.

East Africa Hunger Crisis

Right now, children in East Africa and beyond are facing starvation - millions of lives are in danger.

Where the need is greatest

Your support will help children receive an education, have a healthy life and be protected from harm or exploitation. ...


Your donation can go towards helping children around the world go to school, because we know education can change a child's life.

Child Protection

Your donation can go towards protecting children around the world, by helping to strengthen families and communities so they can safely care for and protect their children from harm.

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