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Oriens Foundation Incorporated

Oriens Foundation Public Gift Fund

This association has been formed in order to:

(a) Promote the cultural, artistic and historical significance of the Traditional Latin Rite in Western Civilisation;

(b) Promote public appreciation for and understanding of the Traditional Latin Rite as a foundation of Western Civilisation and culture and as a wellspring of literary, artistic, musical and philosophical expression, influence and discourse in Western and other cultures both in the past and at the present time;

(c) Promote knowledge and use of Latin language and literature and to support and encourage Gregorian Chant and related liturgical music;

(d) Publish the journal Oriens to trace in history and culture, in language, art and aesthetics, in religious and moral norms, the influence of the classical Western liturgy, and examine its interactions with private life and public affairs;

(e) Publish articles, verse, reviews, commentary and other written and/or visual material in the journal Oriens in the areas of literature and language, art and aesthetics, history, culture and philosophy, the interaction of religious and moral thought with social and cultural norms, including writing on subject matter forming the objects set out in this clause.

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