Want to Give Bikes?

That's a great idea! GiveNow does not take donations of bikes or other items, but here in Other Ways to Give, we have compiled a list of organisations that do. Please contact the organisations below to arrange your bike donation.

Donating a bike is a great way of helping out the community and promoting sustainability. Bikes can be recycled, refurbished and distributed back into the community. Donations of bikes can make a great difference to community organisations, individuals and the environment.

Organisations that accept bikes:

Select your state or territory to find out where you can give bikes:

Australian Capital Territory


Information: Do you have a bike gathering dust in a shed, unwanted, ignored, abandoned? Recyclery is a not-for-profit business that promotes re-use and recycling.

Phone: (02) 6125 6458
Email: recycleryinfo@lead.asn.au
Website: https://www.facebook.com/recyclerycanberra/




New South Wales

Australian Goodwill Bicycles Abroad

Information: This mission collects unwanted bicycles in Australia and then distributes them to developing countries.Our aim is to deliver as many bicycles as possible to as many people as possible in as many places as needed in Australia and overseas. The indigenous Australian population who live in remote areas are our main focus in Australia.

Phone: (02) 6680 8768
Email: http://goodwillbicycles.com/contact.html
Website: www.goodwillbicycles.com

Bicycles for Change

Information: We collect disused bikes and provide them to communities in need around Australia and overseas. Our bikes change lives forever by increasing access to education, employment and health care through improved mobility and self-empowerment. In Africa shipping containers become pre-built bicycle workshops providing employment opportunities and empowering these communities to sustain their own fleet of bikes.

Email: info@bicyclesforchange.com
Website: www.bicyclesforchange.com

Bikes 4 Life Sydney

Information: Visit our website for workshop and collection days.

Email: sara@bikes4life.com.au

Bike Love Corral

Information: Your local environment, not-for-profit, community based, sustainable transport, bike-fun centre , push-bike co-op. We take pre-loved bikes and parts that are then restored by volunteers. Free workshops on how to fix bikes, cycling tips and traffic skills. If you want a bike, we help you recycle one for free.

Phone: (02) 4913 8144
Website: http://bikelovecorral.blogspot.com.au

Cycle Re-Cycle club

Information: The Cycle Re-Cycle club collects abandoned bikes and parts to create working bikes to put back into the community. The bikes are put together by you, the community, with help from others who come. It is also a place to fix up your bikes with the tools and parts available. Everyone is welcome!

Phone: (02) 9698 9569
Email: cycle_recycle_steering-request@lists.riseup.net
Website: www.bikeclub.wordpress.com

Western Sydney Cycling Network

Information: We are ordinary people who ride bikes and share an interest in them. We live or work in Western Sydney and know the local area. We are all levels of fitness and ride for a variety of reasons including transport, recreation, exercise or just for fun. We are a non-profit community based group who manages bicycle repair and recycle to promote sustainability in the community, health and waste reduction.

Phone: 0418 954 682
Email: info@westernsydneycyclingnetwork.com.au
Website: www.westernsydneycyclingnetwork.com.au






Bikes 4 Life Brisbane

Information: Bikes 4 Life is a global community initiative that is dedicated to providing bicycles to people, particularly youth, who are underprivileged, aimed at helping the most vulnerable, isolated and neglected groups within society. To get involved in the Brisbane or Gold Coast region or for donation enquiries please contact our Queensland Representative:

Email: milos@bikes4life.com.au
Website: http://www.bikes4life.com.au


Inala Youth Service

Information: Inala Youth and Family Support Service is a non-profit welfare organisation assisting young people 10-25 years and their families with medium term accommodation up to 9-12 months, school support, crime prevention programs, Individual and family counseling, Vietnamese outreach programs. Donated bikes would be given to young people for practical assistance with job opportunities, keeping appointments, getting to and from school, TAFE or training when they don't have money for a bus and for leisure enjoyment.

Phone: (07) 3372 2655
Email: admin@iys.org.au
Website: www.iys.org.au

The Bicycle Revolution

Information: We accept all bikes and parts in any condition. The bikes are stripped. The parts sold and the good frames sold or rebuilt into reconditioned bikes that are sold. Any frames that cannot be used are given to a Rotary programme that builds wheelchairs by using the back sections of the frames. Any remaining waste metal is sold to metal recyclers. The proceeds are used to pay for the proper disposal of bicycle tyres and tubes by Tyrecycle. We accept bikes and bikes parts Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm and on Saturday 8.00 am - 2.00 pm. We also have a pickup service every month.

Phone: (07) 3342 7829
Email: info@bicyclerevolution.org.au
Website: https://www.facebook.com/The-Bicycle-Revolution-Brisbane-144559082265119

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South Australia

Australian Refugee Association

Information: ARA assists new arrivals to set up house in Australia and we heavily rely upon donations.

Phone: (08) 8354 2951
Email: fundraising@ausref.net
Website: http://www.australianrefugee.org

Bicycle South Australia

Information: Bicycle SA runs programs for at-risk communities throughout regional South Australia.

In the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands, our Bikes-in-Schools program get s kids riding to school. Research shows this significantly improves the overall physical and mental health of families and associated community networks.

Using donated second hand bikes, the program delivers resources and skills for the whole community.

Phone: (08) 8168 9999
Email: office@bikessa.asn.au
Website: www.bikesa.asn.au

Bicycle Institute for South Australia - Bikes for Refugees Scheme

Information: BISA's Bikes for Refugees project recycles bikes in good condition and donates them, free of charge, to refugee families recently arrived in Australia.

BISA is always happy to take bikes in good condition, to check, clean, and hand onto the Refugee Association. We are particularly keen to get bikes for children and teenagers - so if you have outgrown your old bike, please consider donating.

Phone: 0435 021 681
Email: mikejbrisco@gmail.com
Website: http://bicycleinstitutesa.com/bikes-for-refugees/

Bicycles for Humanity Adelaide

Information: We accept donations of old pre-loved mountain bikes.  We pack them into a shipping container and send them to a community in need in Namibia, Africa.

The container full of bikes is turned into a Bicycle Empowerment Centre under the direction of Bicycle Empowerment Network Namibia.  Local people are trained in bike mechanic and small business skills and the local community have access to sustainable transportation that allows them greater access to water, health care, education and economic opportunity.

Email: adelaide@bicyclesforhumanity.com
Website: http://www.bicyclesforhumanity.com/adelaide





Hobart Bike Kitchen

Information: Hobart Bike Kitchen is a non profit group of people who love bikes and who want to share our passion. They accept donations of anything that is going to contribute to putting a road worthy bike on the road, so a bike that’s no longer used, a bike that may have something broken that may provide parts for others, parts that you’ve got sitting around in the shed or garage for a bike you’ve no longer got.

Email: https://hobartbikekitchen.org/contact/
Website: hobartbikekitchen.org

Third Place Communities

Information: Located in Hobart, Australia, Third Place Communities is a Non-Profit Incorporated community organisation.the Community Bikes Program is a youth mentoring program where workers and volunteers restore old bicycles alongside young at-risk young people between 10-16 years old. The aim of the program is to help these young people in our community develop life skills, see positive changes in attitude and an increase in self-reliance.

Phone: 0438 554 957
Email: info@thirdplacecommunities.com
Website: http://thirdplacecommunities.com

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Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne

Information: Bicycles for Humanity is a worldwide organisation focused on making a difference through the redistribution of unused bikes; to some of the poorest nations in the world. Currently Bicycles for Humanity -Melbourne is raising funds to send their first container of bikes to Namibia.

Email: info@bicyclesforhumanity.com
Website: http://www.bicyclesforhumanity.com/melbourne

The Bikeshed at CERES

Information: The Bikeshed at CERES helps people renovate a bike for themselves. This helps increase cycle use in the community, especially for short local trips, and especially for people who cannot afford a new bike. By helping people take charge of making themselves mobile, we help develop attitudes of solving cycling and other technological challenges when they arise, rather than feeling overwhelmed.

Address: Southern entrance to CERES, off the Merri Creek bike path
Hours: Friday- Sunday 11am to 5pm
Email: secretary@thebikeshed.org.au
Website: http://www.thebikeshed.org.au

Outlook Environmental

Information: Providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities, Outlook recycle bikes (amongst other recyclables).

Phone: (03) 5941 1535
Email: https://outlookvic.org.au/contact
Website: https://outlookvic.org.au

Migrant Information Centre (MIC)

Information: The Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne) (MIC) is a non-profit organisation that provides settlement services to people from refugee and migrant backgrounds in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our clients including adults, young people and children who have recently arrived in Australia as refugees seek bicycles to assist with transport, particularly with travel to and from school and work.

The MIC can only accept bicycles in good working order that are ready to ride, as our clients have no means by which to do repairs. Donations can be made to our Box Hill or Ringwood offices.

Phone: (03) 9285 4888
Email: jbishop@miceastmelb.com.au
Website: www.miceastmelb.com.au




Western Australia

Bicycles for Humanity Perth

Information: Bicycles for Humanity is a world wide, grass roots, volunteer run organisation focused on simple, sustainable empowerment in the developing world. They send unused donated bikes from the developed world to our partner organisations in various countries in need.

Email: perth@bicyclesforhumanity.com
Website: http://www.bicyclesforhumanity.com/perth/

Western Australian Historical Cycling Club

Where/ How you can Donate: The WA Historical Cycle Club fosters an interest in old and unusual bicycles. A broad range of ages is represented in its membership however members are predominantly retired. The club provides a supportive social environment as well as maintaining physical activity and fitness through regular short rides. Many members are engaged in the restoration of vintage bicycles.
Older bicycles, particularly race bikes or anything with an unusual frame design. These are bikes that are typically not useful for other not for profit groups who are looking for relatively modern durable transport bikes.

What happens with your donation: The club periodically auctions donated bikes at our monthly meetings. They are usually sold for quite modest prices to members interested in restoring and riding them.

 Email: info.wahcc@gmail.com
Website: http://historicalcycleclub.com.au/donating-a-bike-to-the-club/

Zonta House Refuge Association

Where/ How you can Donate: To arrange for collection anywhere in Perth, please contact us. Your donation of any of the following items will be greatly appreciated: Furniture; White goods; Books; Household goods; Bric-a-brac; Clothing; Toys; Blankets; Childrens Books, Food (non perishable)-not past the expiry date please. All donations must be of decent quality.

What happens with your donation: Women and families in need around Perth are given these items free of charge through our “Start Over Support” service. The women and families we work with have come through a major crisis (Domestic violence, Homelessness and Mental Health) and are now in transitional and permanent housing but have little to no money to fit out their house to make it a home. We give them the “start over support” they really need.

 Phone: (08) 6189 2952
Email: admin@positivepathways.org.au
Website: http://www.zontahouse.org.au

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