Want to Give Foster Care?

That's incredible! GiveNow does not organise foster care, but here in Other Ways to Give, we have compiled a some information to help you get started. Please contact the organisations below to arrange your caregiving.

Providing a child with a safe and nurturing environment is a wonderful way to give to your community. Foster care and mentoring for children who are homeless or come from broken homes can help that child feel loved and wanted and get on the right track.





Australian Fostercare Association

About: AFCA is a membership based voluntary organisation supporting and representing the voices of foster carers, their families and the children they care for throughout Australia. AFCA works in partnership with other community organisations in the child and family welfare sector to provide the support necessary for children and young people unable to live at home to achieve better outcomes.

Website: http://www.fostercare.org.au
Email: ACFA@bigpond.com


Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare

About: The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare (the Centre) provides representation, professional development, research, policy and program advice, publications and resources for 96 community service organisations in the child, youth and family services sector of Victoria. We provide information and liaise with media, State Government and the community to ensure children, young people and families have access to appropriate services as and when they are needed.

Phone: 03 9614 1577
Website: http://www.cwav.asn.au
Email : admin@cwav.asn.au


Foster Care Association of the ACT

About: All foster and kinship carers of children under care and protection orders in the Australian Capital Territory are automatically and without cost, members of the Foster Care Association. This voluntary organisation assists all carers in their challenging roles on behalf of children who are unable to live at home for a period of time.

Phone: 02 6232 1822 Website: http://www.fcaact.org.au
Email: office@fcaact.org.au
Address: Unit 4/107 Marconi Crescent, Kambah (You need to enter through Red Cat, which uses the front half of the building)


Foster Care Association NSW

About: The Foster Care Association NSW Inc. exists to support and strengthen foster carers in New South Wales and to promote the value of foster caring in New South Wales through:
  • Information and support to foster carers
  • Networking and representation
  • Advocacy on behalf of the organisation and foster carers
Website: www.fcansw.org.au
Email: patray@fcansw.org.au
Phone: 02 4987 1847


Foster Care Association of Queensland

About: Foster Care Queensland Inc (FCQ) is a partially government funded organisation, the membership of which is open to all foster carers (a term used here to mean registered Foster Carers, Kinship & Relative Carers and carers with Provisional Approval) and supporters (workers, other individuals) with associate membership being open to organisations.

Foster Care Queensland is an organisation for foster carers and the children and young people for whom they care. The organisation was founded in 1976 and in recent years has been successful in securing government funding to assist in the daily operation of the association.

Website: http://www.fcq.com.au
Email : fcq@fca.com.au
Phone: 07 3268 5955


Foster Care Association of Tasmania

About: The Foster Carers' Association of Tasmania was formed in 1986 to represent and to be a voice for Foster Carers. It is now recognised as the professional voice of foster care in Tasmania.

The association aims to provide supportive services to all Foster and Kinship Carers, to keep members informed of new ideas and changes policy and laws relating to children in care, to give members an opportunity to present to ideas to state and national policy makers, to safeguard and promote the best interests of those in our care, to keep members up to date on foster care allowances and benefits, to work with the Department of Child & Family Services to ensure the best outcomes for those in our care.

Website: http://www.fcatas.org.au
Email: president@fcatas.org.au
Phone: 03 6224 9672


Foster Care Association of Victoria Inc

About: The FCAV‘s mission is to strengthen foster care in Victoria. They are the peak body for foster carers, and represent the voice of carers through work with government, agencies and the media. FCAV staff work to enhance carers’ ability to improve the lives of young people in their care through the provision of support and information, and are always available for an independent perspective on any questions or concerns carers have about foster care.

Website: www.fcav.org.au
Email : admin@fcav.org.au
Phone: 03 9416 4292


Foster Care Association of WA

About: The Foster Care Association strives to promote the interest of Foster Carers with all Care Agencies of Western Australia. We deliver services to Carers and their families which enhance their ability to respond to the challenge of fostering.

Website: http://www.fcawa.com.au
Email : admin@fcawa.com.au
Phone: 08 9388 1911


Stretch A Family

About: provides therapeutic Out Of Home Care (OOHC) services for children and young people in New South Wales. Stretch-A-Family creates a safe and supportive environment that inspires children and young people to be proud of the life they lead.

Phone: 02 9569 6933
Email: http://stretchafamily.com.au/contact-us/
Website: http://stretchafamily.com.au/





About: Foster care provides a safe and supportive home to children who have been abused or neglected by their natural parents.

A child might stay in foster care for as little as one night or as long as a few years. It all depends on the seriousness of the issues faced by the child's parents and their ability to address those issues and become the nurturing family the child needs them to be.

Anglicare Victoria is the State's largest provider of foster care and therefore forms a vital role protecting children and ensuring they have a safe and loving home. We deliver foster care across metropolitan Melbourne and Gippsland.

Website: http://www.anglicare.org.au
Phone: 1800 809 722


Aunties and Uncles

About: Aunties & Uncles® helps to b uild a better life for children. We do this through an early intervention mentoring program based on an extended family model of ´aunts and uncles´ who provide mentoring and guidance in a stable family environment. Qualified staff assess volunteers and evaluate the needs of children to link them together.

Website: http://www.auntiesanduncles.com.au
Email: admin@auntiesanduncles.org.au



About: Foster Care is temporary care provided for children and young people by approved volunteer caregivers when the child's family is not able to care for them.

When children are unable to live at home for various reasons, the first choice of placement is with relatives or someone they know but when this is not possible these children rely on individuals and families to open their hearts and their homes.

Website: http://www.baptcare.org.au
Email: familyservices@baptcare.org.au
Phone: 03 9373 3810



About: Separation from family is one of the most disruptive events that can occur in a child's life. Without Barnardos' care and expertise, children suffering from the trauma of abuse and neglect may also be affected by the process of fostercare. Barnardos believes that our fostercare placement system has evolved into the best possible means of providing children with short and long-term placement options.

Website: www.barnados.org.au
Email : faf@barnados.org.au
Phone: 02 9833 8877


Berry Street

About: Berry Street looks after thousands of Victorian children and young people who:
  • Have been denied the most vital ingredient for human development – a good childhood;
  • Cannot live safely at home because of traumatic family violence, serious abuse and neglect;
  • Will not recover from what has been done to them, unless they urgently receive the help they need and deserve.
Website: http://www.berrystreet.org.au
Email: info@berrystreet.org.au
Phone: 03 9429 9266


Big Brothers Big Sisters

About: Big Brothers Big Sisters is Australia's leading mentoring program for young people, supported by 100 years of international experience and expertise. Our name and logo are synonymous with quality program delivery and best practice worldwide.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters we provide young people, in need of additional support and friendship, with a caring mentor and positive role model. Our programs are based on the simplicity and power of friendship.

Website: http://www.bigbrothersbigsisters.org.au
Email: enquiries@bbbs.org.au
Phone: 03 9489 4511


Care Pathways

About: Foster care provides full-time and part-time, family-based care for children who need a safe environment. Care Pathways has professional programs to recruit, select, train, match, support and monitor suitable foster carers, helping ensure the highest standards of care. Fostering timeframes vary and can range from a few months to many years.

Website: http://carepathwaysqld.com.au
Email: care@cofcqld.com.au
Phone: 07 3327 1600


CREATE Foundation

About: CREATE Foundation is creating a better life for the 35,000 children and young people in foster care or out of home care across Australia. Most children come into care after being neglected or physically abused through no fault of their own. They grow up in a series of different foster homes, often missing out on a lot of school and finding it difficult to form close friendships.

CREATE works to change all of this through its programs and support services. CREATE provides CONNECTING and EMPOWERMENT programs to develop skills and self-esteem. After consultation with young people, they advocate to CHANGE the care system to make a better future for all children and young people in care. By supporting CREATE you are helping to secure the future of some of Australia's most disadvantaged young people.

Email: angela.newbold@create.org.au
Phone: 02 9267 1999


Future for Kids (FFK) Australia

About: Future for Kids International Association is a not for profit organisation founded in 2007 with a mission to piece children and young peoples lives back together. Since 2007 we have been assisting children and young people to heal from trauma by delivering high quality therapeutic services in residential care, foster care & transitional services throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory.
Through smooth structured transition and care plans, we provide clear pathways from residential care and foster care to reunification with their family or to independent living.
Our range of services supporting the Child Safety Sector includes:
  •   Specialist Foster Care
  •   Family Based Model of Care
  •   Out-of-Home Residential Care
  •   Semi-Independent living programs
  •   Early Intervention Programs – Intensive Family Support
  •   In Home Carer Support
  •   Independent Living
Our professionally-trained staff supervise day-to-day care and are committed to the best long-term outcomes for the young people participating in our service. We strive to create an inclusive, caring, compassionate environment that meets our young peoples needs without discrimination or prejudice, and embracing the culture connection.

Website: Future for Kids (FFK) Australia



About: The Galilee family placement Scheme facilitates the placement of babies, children and young people with caring foster care families throughout the ACT.

Babies, children and young people are referred to Galilee by the Office for Children, Youth and Family Support in the ACT because their families temporarily or permanently are not able to care for them.

Website: http://www.galilee.org.au
Email: galilee@galilee.org.au
Phone: 02 6290 2191


Key Assets - Children´s Service Provider

About: About: We´re a non-government, not-for-profit organisation providing fostering services across Australia. In Queensland, we cover South East, South West, North Coast and Brisbane regions of Queensland. We work in partnership with the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services to offer foster care for children and young people with a wide range of needs, including those with complex needs.

Website: www.keyassets.com.au
Email: info@keyassetsqld.com.au
Phone: 1800 WE CARE
Address: We are located at 2728 Logan Road, Eight Miles Plains QLD 4113


Life Without Barriers

About: We work with young people in metropolitan, rural and remote settings throughout Australia and New Zealand, facilitating their care across a broad spectrum of needs. We assist them through our carefully selected employees, professional contractors and volunteers, and our wonderful service partners who deliver services and programs such as:
  • Clinical Assist Creative Care (Residential Care)
  • Cultural Connection
  • Education Planning
  • Family Contact
  • Family Support
  • Foster Care
  • Supported Accommodation
  • Taking Time (Respite Care)
  • Transition Support
Website: http://www.lwb.org.au/Pages/become-a-carer.aspx
Email: http://www.lwb.org.au/Contact-Us/Pages/default.aspx
Phone: National Office - 02 4033 4500


Oz Child

About: The goal of Home Based Care (Foster Care) is to provide temporary or longer term care for children and young people in a safe and nurturing home, during a time when they cannot live with their family. This care is provided by OzChild trained, accredited and supported caregivers.

Website: http://www.ozchild.org.au
Email: ozchild@ozchild.org.au
Phone: 03 9695 2200


Shared Family Care (An Althea Projects program)

About: This Program is a foster care support service for children who are subject to departmental intervention. This program is a licensed service fully funded by the Dept of Communities, Child Safety and Disabilities Services.

In plain language Shared Family Care supports Foster and Kinship Carers who have children placed with them from the Department of Child Safety.

Sadly there are too many Queensland kids who can’t live at home because it is not safe for them to do so. To paint a picture 9,131 children where subject to protective court orders during 2013-14. Of those 8,631 were also placed in out-of-home care. These are the children that we place with our foster carers. If you would like to know more about becoming a foster carer please contact us.

Phone: (07) 4779 3332
Email: admin@altheaprojects.org.au
Website: http://altheaprojects.org.au/


Time for Kids

About: Time for Kids is a not for profit organisation that provides services to children and young people with a need for nurture, care, social activities and role models to support them in overcoming disadvantage.  We were established in 1960 as the Society of Sponsors, to prevent children from entering the juvenile justice system.

Today we continue to work with children and young people who experience social isolation, economic and other complex forms of disadvantage.  We match children from birth to 17 years with volunteer families and individuals for mentoring and regular, part-time care, usually for one weekend a month, one day per month or for 3-4 days during school holidays.  Since 1960, Time for Kids has assisted more than 4,800 children and their families.

Through our unique program of volunteer carer and mentor support, Time for Kids opens a doorway on experiences, learning and opportunities that would be otherwise unavailable to our children.  This builds children’s resilience and capacity to respond positively to the challenges in their lives.  It also empowers and equips children and young people to set and successfully pursue alternative aspirations for their lives, as so many of our children have done over more than 50 years.

Website: http://www.timeforkids.com.au

Email:  info@timeforkids.com.au 

Phone: 08 8362 6311


UnitingCare Burnside

About: Many children and teenagers are in unstable family situations and need help from someone like you.

UnitingCare Burnside is looking for people with a good sense of humour and who enjoy spending time with children and teenagers, to become foster carers.

There's a broad range of flexible caring options from short term (including emergency and temporary care), long term, to providing occasional respite or mentoring. Burnside welcomes foster carers from any background and any family situation.

Website: http://burnsidefostercare.com
Phone: 02 9768 6955


Waverley Emergency Adolescent Care (WEAC)

About: Waverley Emergency Adolescent Care is seeking volunteer carers to support vulnerable adolescents.  Non-profit agency WEAC helps hundreds of teenagers and families with time-out accommodation during family breakdown, maybe for an overnight stay or up to a couple of years.  We urgently need more carers in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.  If you’re willing to open your home and heart to young people in need, you’ll receive 24 hour on-call support, training, and reimbursement for living expenses.  Ring 03 9563 2275 to find out more.

Website: www.weac.org.au
Email: Helen@weac.org.au


Wesley Community Services

About: Out of Home Care is provided to children and young people who are unable to live with their families for a variety of reasons such as family breakdown, illness, or exposure to abuse and neglect.

Wesley Dalmar Out of Home Care is accredited by the Office of the Children's Guardian as a designated agency under the provisions of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1988. Wesley Dalmar is funded by the Department of Community Services to provide Out of Home Care services.

Website: http://wesleymission.org.au
Email: dalmaroohcenquiries@wesleymission.org.au


Youth Care UPA

About: The United Protestant Association is a community based incorporated charity and company limited by guarantee. At present the UPA provide community based and residential services to disadvantaged young people and the frail aged as well as respite services for carers in NSW.

UPA's mission is to offer care of the highest possible standard consistent with UPA's Christian commitment and the expectations of Society. Youth Care UPA is a program auspiced by the UPA Far North Coast to provide a secure, safe and caring alternate living arrangement for those young people who cannot or choose not to live with their natural families.

Website: http://www.youthcareupa.org.au
Email: youthcare@upanthcoast.org.au
Phone: 02 6628 1255