Want to Give Hair?

Great idea! GiveNow does not accept donations of hair, but here in Other Ways to Give, we are here to advise.

Donating your luscious locks is a marvellous way of helping people who have lost their hair – and consequently often their confidence and self-esteem - due to health issues. Through the harsh effects of cancer treatment, alopecia, autoimmune diseases, significant surgery or a myriad of medications, thousands of Australians are desperate for wigs made from human hair.

Organisations that accept Hair

Importantly, there have been significant changes in 2015 which mean that donations of hair (specifically to assist cancer patients) has become a little more challenging. With the advent of more sophisticated synthetic hair options for cost-effective wig manufacturing, the options for using real human hair are constantly changing.

That said, if you are wanting to donate your ponytail, we know that Variety, the children's charity operates a marvellous program. Hair donated to Variety is purchased by wig manufacturers who make wigs for medical hair loss, the funds are then used to purchase wigs for those unable to afford them. So more than one person will benefit from your donation. To find out more about how their program operates, click here.

If you think you are ready to cut off your locks, you can download the guidelines here for how to cut your hair, and where to send it.

For further information on Variety's program, please email them on hairwithheart@variety.org.au