Want to Give Land?

Excellent - donating land is a great way to support the community. Here at Other Ways to Give we have collated some information about donating land, and the organisations to talk to.

You can donate a parcel of land to an environmental group, or with their help, place a conservation covenant on your land to help their conservation efforts. Alternatively, donations of land can be made to a community group whose values you share, who can sell the land to fund their work.

There are a number of tax concessions and benefits that can be gained from making donations of land. All donations of property to groups with DGR status are tax deductible, with those that are directed towards conservation and environment drawing some particularly attractive concessions. Click here for more information about tax concessions on donations of land.

Below we have provided some further information about the two main ways you can put your parcel of land to good use to help the community.

Donating land to a conservation or environment group

Donating land for conservation creates a lasting legacy for future generations.

A donation of land to a conservation group ensures that the property will be properly protected and maintained. Many unique native Australian species have become extinct since European settlement and many more are endangered or facing extinction due to loss of habitat and environmental changes. Donations of land to conservation groups will help to ensure the future of Australia's almost 700,000 species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world.

There are a growing number of community organisations who are buying, rehabilitating and protecting land which is considered to be unique Australian ecosystem.

Groups such as Trust for Nature and Bush Heritage, among others, accept donations of land suitable for rehabilitation and conservation, as well as ordinary rural and residential blocks to be sold to support their conservation work.

There may also be time and financial benefits to be gained from donating land o a conservation or environment group (through of course you should get your own independent advice on this issue) it can release the owner from the responsibility of managing the land while also offering substantial estate and income tax benefits and avoiding capital gains taxes that result from selling the property.

Donating land to another community group

Many community organisations, particularly welfare organisations, provide a sanctuary from violence, homelessness, drug abuse, unemployment and poverty.

These groups often struggle to pay rent for the safe-houses and offices from which they run their programs.

Donations of land to welfare organisations can facilitate the construction of new premises to expand and improve their services to those who need it.

Habitat for Humanity
and The Women's Centre, along with a number of groups nationally, accept donations of land to help provide housing for low-income and disadvantaged families.

In fact, a land donation could be a meaningful contribution to any group you would like to support. All donations of land to groups with DGR status are tax deductible. Speak to your favourite community group to find out whether a donation of land will be beneficial to them.