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Give Mobile Phones

There are more than 29 million mobile phone subscribers in Australia, and we upgrade or exchange our mobile phones every 18 to 24 months.

So it's not surprising that, according to The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, 70% of mobile phone users have at least one old mobile phone tucked away in a drawer at home.

Only 6% of people recycled their old mobile phones in 2008, even though a whopping 90% of the materials in a mobile phone can be recovered and used as raw materials for new products.

Recycling mobile phones helps:
  • Prevent pollution and protect our environment
  • Minimise solid and hazardous waste going to landfill
  • Recover resources to manufacture new products
  • Reduce the need to use raw materials and save our natural resources



Asylum Seeker Resource Centre - Material Aid

About: ASRC are keen to adopt any stray mobile phones. ASRC members use these phones to keep in touch with their caseworkers, to talk to a mentor and to find and sustain employment. If you've a superseded phone (and charger) rattling in a bottom drawer, please contact us. Phones may be second-hand and dog-eared; we request only that they be in good working condition.

Phone: (03) 9326 6066


Clean Up Australia (on hold)

Where/How you can Donate: Simply download your reply paid label or request a free postage satchel via the Clean Up Australia website.

What happens with your donation:With every phone that can be re-used or recycled Clean Up Australia receives up to AUD$ 3.00.



Kidney Health Australia

Where/How you can Donate: Simply contact Annette Smith on 03 9674 4300 to request a satchel.

What happens with your donation: Instead of destroying old mobile phones, recycle by donating them to us and help raise money to support the work of Kidney Health Australia.

Phone: 1800 454 363


RBWH Foundation

Where/How you can Donate:Simply place your old mobile phone in one of the Mobile 4 Charity bins located across the RBWH campus.

What happens with your donation:Phones donated will be reconditioned, recycling and redistribution to developing countries. For each phone donated a cash donation of between $5 and $50 will be made back to RBWH Foundation to help fund the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y.)



Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos

Where/How you can Donate: Either collect a postage-paid recycling bag when you next visit the Zoo or download a reply paid label from the website below.

What happens with your donation:Money raised through the sale of refurbished phones and recycled coltan supports the Taronga Foundation and the Jane Goodall Institute's conservation programs.



Zoos Victoria

Where/How you can Donate: Either collect a postage-paid recycling bag when you next visit the Zoo or download a reply paid label from the website below.

What happens with your donation: One of the biggest threats to gorillas is the illegal mining of coltan, a mineral used in mobile phones. Funds raised through the collection of mobile phones are used to support rangers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.



Still can't find somewhere to recycle your phone?



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