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Volunteering Resources Bank

Below we have assembled a list of resources that can help you find out more about volunteering.

Click on one of the headings below or scroll down to view all of the resources listed

Volunteering: basic principles

Volunteer management

Youth volunteering

Corporate volunteering

Volunteering statistics


Basic principles of volunteering

Volunteering Australia: The foundation documents "These documents define what volunteering is, the principles that underpin volunteering, standards of best practice, and the major issues affecting the sector. We consider this collection of documents to be integral to understanding the philosophy and practice of volunteering in Australia today."

Definition and Principles of Volunteering
A definition of formal volunteering and its underpinning principles

Volunteer Rights and Volunteer Checklist
An overview of volunteers' rights and some important points for volunteers to check off with their organisation before volunteering

Universal Declaration on Volunteering
An international statement about volunteering, its importance and place in the world, and what characterises volunteering.

Volunteering - Compact Code of Good Practice (UK)
"The Volunteering Code identifies four key principles fundamental to volunteering: choice, diversity, reciprocity, and recognition."

Volunteering Management

Our Community has produced a range of helpsheets on topics in volunteer management:

Managing volunteers

Managing Your Volunteers -

Valuing Our Volunteers

Volunteer policy

Volunteers Satisfaction Survey

Online volunteering: A new way to increase your reach and impact

Recruiting Youth Volunteers

Other resources include

National Standards for Involving Volunteers in Not for Profit Organisations
National standards that describe the elements of a best practice system for involving and managing volunteers. Volunteer Australia.

Volunteer Australia's National Standards Workbook and Resource Kit
A workbook and resource kit designed as a systematic method of implementing the national standards in your organisation

Youth Volunteering

Volunteering and youth development: making a positive difference.
A guide for youth development provider organisations in implementing good practice in volunteering and youth development. Ausyouth , 2002.

Engaging and retaining volunteers for youth development
Paper presented at 2nd National Youth Development Conference, 2001, by Andrew Fryar , examining three aspects of involving youth in volunteering activities: recruitment, retention, and the implications of current volunteering trends on organisations and individuals who manage volunteers and volunteer programs.

Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering Australia's Corporate Volunteering Help sheet
A guide to assist organisations develop an employee volunteering program :: produced by Volunteering Australia

Volunteering - Statistics

The community's most valuable (hidden) asset - volunteering in Australia
This report, prepared for the Department of Family and Community Services, covers current developments, the state of volunteering, projections of future volunteer supply, and motives for, and experiences of, volunteering. Social Policy Research Centre, 2002

Gender and Volunteering
A look at the gender divide in volunteering. Australian Bureau of Statistics

Volunteering - statistics
"A statistical overview of volunteering in Australia". Australian Bureau of Statistics

Volunteering - Sundries

Building Consumers In: A resource manual in consumer participation for the not-for-profit sector
A resource book to assist the not-for-profit sector to develop policies and practices that facilitate consumer participation in the organisation. (Arthritis Victoria, 2001)

Volunteering Overseas
Tips from Smartraveller.

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