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Parents Beyond Breakup Ltd

Parents Beyond Breakup


PBB is one of Australia's most effective suicide prevention services yet we are also one of the lowest cost and most efficient with over 99% of our work being delivered by volunteers. However, we support over 10,000 peole in need each year and need need more funds to reach more of those that require our unique help, and to cover the cost of venues, insurances and training.

Each year we prevent over 350 suicides which puts us firmly in the running for best bang for your buck, and we're the only to focus soley on one of the most at risk demographics - seprating parents. Over 50% of separeted dads feel suicidal and 1 in 4 of all male suicides relates to separation. 

We work to make positive change happen on an individual, cultural and systemic level. 

We help separated mums and dads to find more effective ways to deal with their situation, building their resiliance and coping mecahnisms; we do this through our helpline, local peer support groups and other resources. 

We work to raise public awareness of the challenges that parents face, and to improve the way the system helps parents contribute to the upbringing of their children.

On a systemic level, we offer government and other expert bodies unique factual insights and recommendations to allow them to better serve the needs of separating families. 

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