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Parklands Albury-Wodonga

Naturally Resourceful Appeal

$4,477 raised of $10,000 goal
$4,477 raised of $10,000 goal

Parklands Albury Wodonga is a community managed, community driven not-for-profit organisation operating with a social enterprise model. 
Since 1997 we have been creating innovative ways to foster communtiy involvement in the restoration, enhancement and management of local tracks, trails and bush reserves.
We believe in "doing with" rather than "doing for". 
Parklands have facilitated over 100 community - business - government partnerships to protect and enhance the natural and cultural heritage values of regional landscapes, and run programs involving more than 2,000 community members of all ages and stages of life, including Indigenous, disAbility and long term unemployed.
We make the impossible possible by facilitating linkages and partnerships.
Together with the community we have built or upgraded and now maintain 187km of trails in the last 15 years, and manage over 3,000 hectares of bush reserves.
The Cause
Building resilient regional communities is primarily about connecting people.  The more people have a sense of belonging and the more extensive their networks, the better people are at responding to change, particularly natural disasters and economic challenges.  Together we do better.
Wodonga has the highest youth unemployment rates in Victoria.  The barriers to participation are even greater for youths in marginalised groups such as disAbility, Indigenous and youths from culturally diverse backgrounds.
There is much evidence of the longer term benefits to the wider community of engaging with disengaged and marginalised groups.
Your support will mean resources including time, transport, and personal protective equipment for tailored "social inclusion" volunteer programs to involve marginalised community members.  

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