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Partners in Aid

Partners in Aid

Partners in Aid is one of Australia's oldest not-for-profits (NFPs), a volunteer run organisation with no paid staff in Australia or overseas. This means that at least 90% of all funds dispersed are forwarded to our overseas partner organisations. Our partners are in India, Bangladesh and the Philippines, with projects including low carbon farming, child sponsorship, and sanitation. Please help Partners in Aid raise much needed funds to continue our work in providing support to our partners.

Why we're relying on donors

Partners in Aid was established in 1962 to provide support for struggling rural communities in India and Bangladesh. We continue to support such projects. We are also a proud member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and a signatory to its Code of Conduct.

In India, we have a close and long-standing relationship with both the Social Education and Development Society (SEDS) and the All Bengal Women's Union (ABWU). SEDS has a world-leading low carbon farming project, child sponsorship, water management and reforestation programmes. ABWU is a home for abandoned and at-risk girls in Kolkata, many of whom need intensive therapy and rehabilitation.

In Bangladesh, we support Symbiosis with its Bangladesh Technical Training Program (TTIS) and Jamuna River Development projects (JRDP). The TTIS scheme provides vocational training in sewing, with the majority of participants being women. The JRDP aims to help communities living on islands through education, improved literacy, micro-finance and health projects.

Partners in Aid is also supporting the Sinangpad Healthy Village Project in the Philippines, continuing work commenced by a former AusAID project providing support to remote villages.

As one of the oldest NFPs in Australia, with very low running costs, Partners in Aid is dedicated to continuing to support our partners doing incredible work in assisting those who need it most.

Some of the reasons we are needed

  • The girls of ABWU face incredible hurdles to step outside the home. Educating them for a life beyond ABWU gives them a chance to have a life worth living as independent and capable women with self-respect and purpose. 
  • The low carbon farming project at SEDS is not only a first but aims to be independent by 2020, if only they can get to that point.
  • The Sinangpad Healthy Village Project promotes sanitation which in turn reduces infant mortality.

What we do to help

Partners in Aid is dedicated to:

  • Supporting our partners in country who are local, experienced and recognised by their own authorities.
  • Encouraging sustainability so that we are no longer needed.
  • Respecting the needs and wants of not only our partners, but of those participating in programmes.
  • Enduring, capable communities.

We fundraise to undertake our work – but we need more to help more.

If you would like to make your donation in memory or in commemeration of someone, please include your message in the "Special messages" section on the next page.

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