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Warlpiri Media Aboriginal Corporation ICN 8336 (trading as PAW Media and Communications) is an Aboriginal media organisation based in Yuendumu in Central Australia. It has a national and international reputation for its research into Aboriginal media in the early 1980s as well as for its production Bush Mechanics which was shown on ABC national television. Our website at shows the extent of our media work in remote Aboriginal communities.

The costs of managing a remote media organisation are high, and whilst we have been successful in attracting regular annual funding, there are many costs that are not covered by funding programs. Our non-funding income base that might otherwise contribute to unfunded costs, is small with limited income from the sales of radio information campaigns, DVDs and CDs, and no income from royalties despite the popularity of Bush Mechanics.

We are a significant local employer and provide ongoing skills development for our workers. Providing staff with good working conditions, equipment and strong leadership is critical to our role as a local employer.

Costs that we have difficulty funding are:

  1. Building maintenance
  2. Equipment upgrades
  3. Governance training for Board members

How will the funds be used?

The capacity of PAW Media to reach its full potential is limited by poor repair of buildings, outdated equipment, and capacity of the Board to provide strong leadership. The funds will be used to support these costs and thus contribute to the development of increased capacity in the organisation.

The funds will be allocated to a special purpose "cost centre". PAW Media has strong financial systems with financial management undertaken by the PAW General Manager, and an Alice Springs based accountancy firm oversighting proper accounting standards

Key Areas of Expenditure

Funds will be used for:

  • Tradesmen fees for improving our office spaces, and repairing buildings
  • Upgrading basic production gear (cameras, voice recorders, editing suites)
  • Providing an annual workshop for Board members on financial management and strategic leadership

$5,417 raised so far

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