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Pets Haven Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation (non-government funded) we re-homes orphan felines and canines who would otherwise have no future. Our highest value is "pro-life". We rescue from death row pounds, cruelty cases, puppy farms and the community. We endeavour to responsibly rehouse these orphans back into the community in order to give them a second chance at life.

We tirelessly strive for and envision the day where every adoptable companion animal has a loving, responsible home. Where no animal will suffer from abuse, neglect or ignorance and where puppy farms will be a distant memory. We look forward to a society that no longer views adoptable companion animals as a disposable commodity and people responsibly desex their animals to put an end to the overpopulation that exists today.

Pets Haven's primary pound contracts are located in rural areas, where unfortunately many animals have no chance at being rehomed. We are proud to say, that we have reduced kill rates that were sadly at 100% to less than 10%.

Our yearly fuel expenses alone for 2015 was over $22K and our veterinary expenses were extremely high, over 250K was spent on saving animals lives.

Our future plans involve opening a community veterinary, sadly so many people cannot afford in providing he care their pets require. We are very excited as our clinic will certainly make a difference to so many peoples and animals lives.

Thank you for your time in reading about our facility we would like to take this opportunity in simply saying 'thank you for your support'.

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