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Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria

Project Hope Horse Welfare - Christmas Appeal 2018


Each year hundreds of horses across Victoria don’t have a fair chance to thrive in life.

Sadly today, many horses in Victoria are in desperate, urgent need of help.  And with the harsh summer weather heading our way, the scorching heat and lack of adequate pasture will inevitably take its toll and can lead to a slow and painful death for numerous horses and ponies that are left to fend for themselves.

It’s only when they have the support of people like you that many abused and neglected horses will have any hope of living through a dry hot summer with no one to care for them.

At Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria, it is our mission as horse lovers to give every horse the opportunity they deserve, to live healthy lives and be cared for responsibly.

With your gift, our rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing program will allow these beautiful animals to have a fair chance at life – to be nurtured, cared for and receive the veterinary treatment needed to rehabilitate.

As Christmas approaches we want to share a story with you as a horse lover; a story of hope and an example of the impact a gift can make.



It’s the life journey of a pony called 'Creature'. All hope appeared lost when he was rescued. He resembled a small emaciated creature lying on the ground, not a pony. Creature was barely alive when Project Hope volunteers took action, as the owner reliquished possession of the starving two year old, knowing there was a grim outlook for him.

“As we loaded him into the float he went down again, but as it was safer for him to travel this way, we left him,” said Nicola Fanning, Project Hope representative. “I took him to the nearest vet who orally dosed him with vitamins. I don’t think she thought he had much of a chance of su­­­­­­­rvival.” Rescued, 1997.

That was 21 years ago. PH Creature made a full recovery with the appropriate care, nutritious food and training. Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria has followed his life journey of remarkable achievements spanning 23 years. By age four, the little grey pony was a picture of health and has had considerable show success, both under saddle and in harness. By age six it was apparent PH Creature was so quiet and dependable he became a therapy pony for a special needs child and aged care residents. He is truly a champion of hearts. Today, now twenty-three, his coat colour may have faded to showy white but his spirit remains joyous and cheeky.  

PH Creature’s rehabilitation was slow.  But as he was nurtured, his confidence grew astronomically, his dry, dead coat turned into steel grey dapples and he blossomed from a creature with wonky legs, literally on death’s door, into a cheeky, joyous, fun loving pony.



You can help in a very special way this Christmas.

Please make a donation today to assist in providing essential supplies and services urgently needed for abused and neglected horses and ponies.

A gift from you validates the work Project Hope Horse Welfare volunteers tirelessly strive towards in giving horses the opportunity they deserve – to thrive !

Only supporters like you can stop more horses from suffering. ­­­  We cannot do the vital work we do without your help.

For over 45 years Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria volunteers have saved the lives of so many horses, your gift will help our team of hardworking volunteers work through another tough summer and provide the treatment and care these horses deserve.

If you want to help horses and ponies like Creature and hundreds more, Donate today. 

What your donation will support...

  • $60 will pay for a farrier treatment
  • $100 will pay for transport and relocation
  • $150 will pay for a round hay bale
  • $300 will fund the initial vet care and urgent medical provisions for a horse in need
  • $600 will fund the three month rehabilitation program
  • $1,000 will provide 10 specialist training sessions for a traumatised horse
  • $1,500 will fund the ongoing support needed to transition a horse to long term care

Please make a donation today.  

All gifts over $2.00 are tax deductible. 

[picture below, PH Creature at time of rescue in 1997 at 2 years of age. Picture in banner, PH Creature now aged 23 riden by the rescuer's granddaughter] 


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