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Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group

Pledge to help refugees keep a roof over their heads


Become a regular donor. Due to the impact of COVID and the number of those who have lost work, it is estimated that BMRSG will be required to spend more than $70,000 over winter, much of it on rent.

You can directly help someone like Susi, who lives with his wife and 4 children in Western Sydney. Susi finds casual employment washing cars and cleaning offices to make ends meet.  He was thrilled to report his eldest daughter received an academic award of excellence at the end of her first year of high school in 2020 and he paid tribute to BMRSG who provided her with a laptop and new school uniform to ensure she had the best start. His two young boys play soccer, with generous support from the local soccer club and BMRSG. The family works so hard at everything they do but there are times when Susi struggles to pay his rent of $400/week so please help them now.

Bassam has recently been released into the community after spending 8 and a half years in detention. He worked hard to keep fit and to learn English so that he would be in the best position to find work when he was released and it paid off!  He found work as a builder’s labourer and he now dreams of having his own place to call home as he has been living with a friend and his family since his release. Let’s work toward helping Bassam find his home.  

Samara is a single mother with 2 teenage daughters. Her eldest daughter excelled at high school winning a scholarship to pursue her dream to become an engineer. Last year, Samara completed her child care certificate and works casually at local child care centres while she also applies for permanent work. Meeting the cost of rent and utilities is sometimes a challenge for Samara and this is exactly the support BMRSG provides.  Join us to help Samara and her girls.  

A monthly pledge or one-off donation will help BMRSG continue to directly help people like Susi, Bassam and Samara.  Join us. Donations like yours will allow BMRSG to continue to assist refugees the cost of housing, but also with food, schooling costs, dental care, finding employment and other essential needs.


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