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Pets of Older Persons (POOPS) WA Inc.

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Pets of Older Persons (POOPS) WA

Patron: Lisa Baker MLA
President: Richard Wheater

The phone is ringing as you walk in the door of your Northern suburbs home. It's your aunt calling from Mandurah. She has had an accident and broken her leg. For the six weeks in plaster she needs someone to walk Flopsie, the spaniel she dotes on. With a full time job, a husband and three children in primary school, there is no way you can bring the dog home or drive up and down to take it for a walk - and there is no other relative or friend who can help. What to do? The answer: CALL POOPS.

This is a common example of the type of assistance POOPS WA is able to offer senior citizens and disabled people. Sometimes the assistance is temporary - in other cases, where elderly or wheel-chair-bound people are unable to care for their pets themselves - the support may be ongoing. Regular visits are eagerly awaited by both pet and owner.

POOPS is a not-for-profit association that provides assistance free of charge. Staffed entirely by teams of dedicated volunteers, we cover most of the metro from Two Rocks to Mandurah. We rely on individual and corporate generosity to keep this sought-after community service vital and growing to meet demand.

How POOPS assists elderly pet-owners

  • Dog walking
  • Transport where necessary e.g. a vet clinic, grooming/nail-cutting salon, boarding kennel

How we measure our impact

In 2017-2018 financial year, POOPS' volunteer reports show that they:

  • Donated almost 8,000 hours of their time
  • Drove over 64,000 km to help those in need

We also receive regular feedback in terms of the letters and phone calls we get from grateful clients.

Our target

Keeping pets and people together is our mission. The elderly and disabled represent some of the most vulnerable people in our society. They are also often socially isolated, and many depend on their pets for company. Medical research is increasingly showing the value of pets to well-being.

Our challenge

  • The ageing population and the proposed changes to the HACC program will mean an increasing number of elderly pet-owners will remain in their own homes.
  • This will result in an escalating demand for the POOPS' program.
  • This increasing demand will cause POOPS to stretch beyond its current resources and will have to be met by an expanded organisation and greater efficiency.
  • To meet this demand, we need to streamline our services by appointing a Central Coordinator/Administrator who can be contacted via a single phone number.

How YOUR donation helps

Through "WA Giving Hub" it is possible to make either a "one-off" or a regular donation to POOPS. There is no paid administrative body in POOPS. We give freely of our time, skills and experience and all funds you donate directly subsidise the out-of-pocket costs involved in assisting these often very lonely people whose pets mean so much to them.

  • Over 70% of POOPS running costs are covered by Donations and Bequests
  • $50 helps towards marketing costs
  • $500 assists towards telephone and computing costs
  • $1,500 covers public liability insurance 

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.