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Positive Women (Victoria) Inc

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Positive Women Victoria (PWV) is the only community-based organisation in Australia specifically funded to support women living with HIV. PWV was established in 1988 by and for women living with HIV. For over 25 years PWV has responded to the changing needs of women engaged with the organisation, recognising the impact gender has on the way women experience HIV. PWV aims to respond to the unique needs of individual women by providing tailored peer support, practical support, information, referrals and personal development opportunities. Where appropriate, PWV represents the interests of individual women living with HIV, and advocates at a policy level for the rights of women living with HIV as a whole.  

How will the funds be used?

As a minority population within a cohort comprised predominantly of men who have contracted HIV through sexual activity with other men, women tend to be overlooked in the Australian HIV response. This impacts negatively on HIV prevention, testing, treatment and research, and ultimately on the health and wellbeing of women living with HIV in Australia. Your tax deductible donation will be used to ensure women's voices are not lost within the broader HIV movement and that Positive Women is equipped to continue offering innovative responses to the unique needs of women. 

Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Provision of peer support that addresses HIV related issues in the broader context of gender inequality and women's health and wellbeing. Manifestations of structural inequalities that disadvantage women, such as family violence, homelessness and unemployment, are considered as part of the holistic peer support model.  
  • Provision of scholarships for training and education, or personal and professional development. Scholarships are granted for eligible driving lessons, tuition fees, fitness activities, etc.
  • Provision of capacity building workshops for women living with HIV, such as the Volunteer Peer Support Worker training course which aims to empower women, reduce social isolation, encourage community engagement and improve overall health and wellbeing.

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Ground Floor 95 Coventry Street

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