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Preterm Infants Parents Association Inc (PIPA)

Preterm Infants - Supporting our Smallest Citizens Appeal


Approximately 8.6% of all babies born in Australia each year are born preterm (at less than 37 weeks gestation).  Preterm birth is a serious issue and can causes great emotional and financial stress for parents.

PIPA has set up an emergency fund to help parents financially when needed. This fund is made up from money donated by the public and is used solely in helping parents through this difficult time. Your generosity will help us carry on our role in supporting premature babies and their families.

Why PIPA is important

Prem parents find their lives are turned upside down as they rise to the challenge of caring for a premature or sick newborn that must spend time in a neonatal intensive or special care nursery.  Not only must they deal with the emotional turmoil associated with the uncertainty surrounding the prognosis of their child’s outcome but also they are often faced with financial hardship.  These financial pressures may arise from the need to live away from home for extended periods (some prems can spend 3 months or longer in hospital), from taking unexpected leave of absences from employment, additional childcare expenses or from the costs associated with travelling back and forward to the hospital each day.  For those families on a very tight budget these financial pressures can mean the difference between being able to visit their prem in the hospital each day or for mums who must live away from home being able to have regular contact with their partner and/or other children.  It is for these reasons that PIPA created the fund.

Key Areas of Expenditure

PIPA will assist needy parents with transport or parking costs, supply a mum with a breast pump, supply a Coles of Woollies gift card for purchase of essentials and make a small contribution towards funeral costs. Other types of assistance will be considered.  

PIPA will purchase a Go Card with $50 on it or top up an existing Go Card to the same amount for needy parents so that they can use public transport to visit their baby at the nursery when they have no funds of their own.

PIPA will give a regional prem family a $100 fuel card so that Dad and the kids can visit Mum and the new baby at the hospital.  It is very difficult for regional families when mum has to spend so much time away from home because the new baby can only get the care it needs in one of the major Hospitals in Brisbane.

PIPA will supply a breast pump to a prem mum who is having difficulty maintaining a milk supply and cannot afford to purchase or hire one. Or to a mum who cannot spend enough time at the Nursery to use the hospital pump because of their commitment to their other children.

Requests for assistance must be referred by a social worker or senior neonatal nurse from the hospital where the baby is being cared for. Referrals from Ronald McDonald House or other charities are considered.  PIPA does not give parents cash. It will purchase the item, make the payment directly to the supplier of the service needed or purchase the relevant gift card (e.g. Petrol card, Go Card etc.) 


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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.