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Our exceptional team in Delhi create life-changing opportunities for families living in Kalyanpuri Slum to raise their children to be vibrant, thriving and connected to family, community and opportunity. The goal is for every child to attend school, be in good health and have safe and secure housing. You can help make this happen.

projectHELP was launched in May 2012 for the people of Kalyanpuri Slum to become self determined through our investment in programs focused on Health, Education, Livelihood and Possibility.

Poverty has seen this community barely surviving unimaginable living conditions for three generations. Malnutrition, neonatal diseases, diarrhea, pneumonia and tuberculosis are the major causes of death and these children are at risk daily of child trafficking, slavery and sexual abuse.

The children get up at 4am to collect recyclable rubbish barefoot in putrid dumps so they may bring home a few rupees to help feed the family. Their only way out of poverty and into safety and opportunity is through education but the caste system in India makes it near impossible for them to change their destiny.


We meet the urgent medical and nutritional needs of the children and provide safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, shelter and basic training in health and hygiene.


Brighter Futures Study Centres have been established to help get children off the streets and into the formal school system. Our remarkable teaching team delivers school readiness programs including basic numeracy and early literacy (Hindi and English) plus art and music.

We also work with families, lawyers and local authorities to obtain birth certificates for each child. A birth certificate is compulsory for entry into the formal school system and until now has been one of the main barriers for the children when it comes to getting an education.


Confidence and future independence comes from assisting young people and parents in the community to secure full time employment or start a sustainable small business through microfinance loans and mentoring. Further education is also explored.


Relocation to safe, secure housing creates opportunity for families to live a quality of life they only ever dreamed of.



All donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.

By donating $25 per month (or $300pa) to our Remarkable Teachers Fund you join a growing list of remarkable folk on our Roll of Honour.

Our remarkable qualified teaching staff team currently volunteer up to 12 hours a day teaching junior and senior classes six days a week at the Brighter Futures Study Centres.

Many rely on public transport and put their own safety on the line walking many kms through the inner-city riverside jungle teeming with snakes and wild foxes, often in the dark.

When you hear the voices of the children reading from books, dressed and hair brushed, pride pounds from your chest and you know the world is becoming a better place.

Especially for these children and their families living on the outskirts of one of the poorest slum districts in New Delhi, India.

With your help we can pay our teaching team decent wages and make their journey to and from the Study Centres far less dangerous.

You can also sign on to our world famous Cycle for Brighter Futures group cycle through picturesque Kerala in Southern India and set up your own GiveNow Crowdraiser page for projectHELP.


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