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Help horses like Ernie receive the care they deserve.

Ernie stands in his paddock all alone.  People don’t know Ernie has been abandoned, they don’t know how long he has been there, they don't know Ernie's story. 

Ernie’s owner has abandoned him on an untenanted rental property, not visible from the road.  Ernie has been left in the paddock to fend for himself, to live in conditions he doesn't have the power to change.  

There is little feed in this drought ravished paddock and Ernie eats toxic weeds to survive, causing an acute condition, Stringhalt, where his fetlocks have swollen and his joints have “locked” restricting his natural movement.   Ernie can only stand for short periods before lying down due to crippling hoof abscesses and the Stringhalt. 

Ernie has intermittent muscle tremors and twitches all over his body, particularly in his shoulders.   His thin, weak body is covered in itchy lice.   He is extremely malnourished and is suffering from a large parasite infestation.  

He is cold as the winter months set in, he is hungry and in desperate need of nutritious feed.   Most of all Ernie needs a kind word, a gentle hand and someone to care for him. 

What we do

Project Hope has been helping neglected and abused horses for over 44 years by rescuing, rehabilitating, training and re-homing horses in need. We have seen a dramatic increase in the need for our services in the past three years. Never before has Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria needed your help more than now.

How you can help 

As a horse lover, you can help Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home neglected and abused horses like Ernie and see that they are treated with care and respect and their basic welfare requirements are met. 

Your gift will help us to save horses like Ernie before it's too late to provide him with the care needed for a healthy and enjoyable life.  Right now there are hundreds of horses just like Ernie that deserve to be cared for.   

Please make a donation today.  

All gifts over $2.00 are tax deductible. 


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