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Help horses like Ben receive the care they deserve.

It’s hard to think that Ben (featured in the banner) raced and won over $20,000.  People don’t know Ben had been abandoned facing a sure death of starvation, they don't know Ben's story. 

After Ben was retired from racing, his next few years were unknown, until he and his paddock mate became Pony Club mounts.   A year later the teenagers weren’t interested in Pony Club anymore. 

Ben and his paddock mate were found in August 2012 on ten acres with no grass and no evidence of any additional feed.   Ben was so malnourished when Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria rescued him, our representative was gravely concerned that Ben wouldn’t make the one-hour road journey to his new home to be treated and rehabilitated.    Ben received immediate veterinary care and nutritious feed and over time made a full recovery.   

Ben now spends his days with his long-term Project Hope carers Gary and Catherine, on their 80 acre farm overlooking the Cobaws in the Macedon Ranges area.    His days are spend grazing on lush spring fed pasture, trouble and worry free.   Ben is rotated in three big paddocks and fed daily.   He is well cared for, given lots of carrots and home-made treats and enjoys getting out and about for a gentle ride and seeing other parts of the farm.   He is extremely inquisitive and always needs to know what’s going on around the place.

During the hot summer months he especially likes his time playing under the sprinklers and loves drinking from the garden hose – he is a bit of a water baby.   He is a very loving, gentle sweet horse and an extremely proud and handsome animal. 


What we do

Project Hope has been helping neglected and abused horses for over 47 years by rescuing, rehabilitating, training and re-homing horses in need. We have seen a dramatic increase in the need for our services in recent years. Never before has Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria needed your help more than now.


How you can help 

As a horse lover, you can help Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home neglected and abused horses like Ben and see that they are treated with care and respect and their basic welfare requirements are met. 

Your gift will help us to save horses like Ben before it's too late to provide him with the care needed for a healthy and enjoyable life.  Right now there are hundreds of horses just like Ben that deserve to be cared for.   


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