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Project Platypus Association

Project Platypus Public Fund


Our purpose is to support and empower the community to improve the environmental health of the Upper Wimmera Catchment while maintaining and improving productivity.
Donating to The Project Platypus Public Fund will support important community driven on-ground initiatives that improve the land, water and biodiversity for future generations. Your support will enable local communities, schools and landowners to establish projects, and to continue important long term Landcare work!

Projects include weed control, feral pest management, re-vegetation, fencing remnant vegetation, and erosion control. Some projects also include field days, information sharing and education initiatives that lead others to value the environment and improve their land management practices. On-ground projects usually involve community volunteers, students and farmers. There are so many worthwhile Landcare projects that are simply waiting for some funds to help make them happen.

Key Areas of Expenditure:


Invasive Plant and Animal control

Community Education

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PO Box 838

03 5358 4410

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.