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We need your help to bring 5 incredible public participatory art projects to life! 

OSCA's mission is to make Art for Everyone, Everywhere through the development of contemporary art projects in public spaces. We are seeking funds to support 9 local artists as part of our commissioning program, Projects of the Everyday, which seeds, develops and presents artist-led projects in innovative spaces of creativity, making and experimentation.

Through a model responsive to local ideas and situations, Projects of the Everyday offers innovative South Australian artists long term support to research, create and present participatory and community engaged projects in the area where they live. The diverse project outcomes highlight OSCA’s interest to develop new forms of artistic engagement and participation in the public domain.

Please support these 9 emerging and established First Nations and South Australian artists as part of our Projects of the Everyday flagship commissioning program to bring their ideas to the world.

Sonya, Sarah and Suzy Smith (Boandik), Cynthia Schwertsik,  Alison Currie, Ade Suharto & Henry Jock Walker

The projects:

Lartelare - Aunty Margaret Brodie and Jennifer Eadie

Lartelare is a collaboration between Aunty Margaret Brodie, Jennifer Eadie and Aboriginal women connected to Yartapuulti - Port Adelaide.

It is a community created, large-scale textile based public artwork. Grounded in care and respect, Aboriginal women will come together and share stories while creating a place-responsive textile installation. This artwork will hold and share culture with the public: a group of strong women coming together, this strength could make change.

Funding this project will ensure Aunty Margaret and Jennifer can create the textile artwork at a large scale and using quality materials that will stand the test of time to hold such important stories. Importantly, it will also also allow a fair and just artist fee for the Aboriginal women in the community who will participate.


Kingston Weaving by Boandik artists Sonya, Sarah and Suzy Smith

Kingston Weaving is a large-scale First Nations led, community weaving project that will take place across the Limestone Coast region of Southeast South Australia. Focussing on the cultural representation of animal totems and the local environment, a long-term community activation will take place with local participants towards the creation of a large-scale outcome.


Bestowed by Cynthia Schwertsik

Bestowed explores the idea of gifting and when it becomes burdonsome. The project has been developed for the Adelaide Hills community and is ready to unfold, the outcome is poetic, but still has an open-end outcome, as it intends to respond to the contributions made by the participants. Additional funding will allow the project a broader ability to respond and be creative with the outcome of this participatory project.

With extra funding the project can reach more people, artists can be paid fair fees and an event to showcase and celebrate the outcome can be created.


Time and Space (2023) by Alison Currie and Ade Suharto     

Dance artists Ade Suharto and Alison Currie will engage the local community around Parndo Yerta/Charles Cane Reserve site and George Andric’s sculpture, Time and Space (2012) to bring people together in this community green space.

Through movement and sound, Time and Space 2023 (working title) aims to connect and transform the experience of engaging with Parndo Yerta/Charles Cane Reserve. What if this community space was considered an art's field as opposed to a sports field? How might dance artists collaborate with community bodies, sports clubs, dog walkers and park regulars to amplify and expand George Andric’s sculpture, Time and Space (2012)? 

Funding this project will assist with more time on the ground and more opportunities to collaborate with community.


Henry Jock Walker

A Momument to Trigg's Two

Artist and surfer, Henry Jock Walker, is developing participatory open studio fo the community to be part of creating a social, physical, creative monument to Triggs Two, a local surf break. Henry's practice focuses on using neoprene and surf industry waste and breathing new life into items destined for landfill.

Additional funding would create more time, space and facilities to pursue an open interactive studio at Triggs car park to experiment with building art and wearables from surf industry and community waste with the local community.


Images by Morgan Sette, Lartelare & Deep Excavation

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