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Public Education Foundation Scholarships


The Public Education Foundation's scholarships address particular areas of need to help students overcome barriers to achievement created by social and economic disadvantage.  

  • A gift of $25 can help buy a textbook so a child can learn better and be able to study at home
  • A gift of $60 can help fund an excursion so a child does not feel left out. 
  • A gift of $150 can help buy a set of clean, well-fitting uniforms because children typically outgrow them each year.
  • A gift of $299 can help buy a refurbished laptop & licensed software because students need one of their own to participate in compulsory learning activities. 
  • A gift of $700 can fund broadband access for a year since much learning nowadays is dependent on a reliable Internet connection. 
  • A gift of $2,500 can provide substantial tutorial support to refugee students who often need intensive English lessons. 

Help us give students in public education every opportunity. All donations of $2 and above are tax-deductible. At PEF, we ensure that no more than 10% of your gift goes towards administrative expenses. This means that 90% of your donation goes directly to benefit a child. 

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.