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Pirates of Plastic

Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club Inc

Fight for the environment on board 'Aegir' an 800 a.d Viking Ship replica. 'Aegir' (ocean) was named in a ceremony that connects it to our ocean environment. Inspired by our sister ship 'Gaia' voyage to Earth Summit in 2000 to deliver environmental messages from school children.


A little about our project

Pirates of Plastic currently pick up / clean up plastic each week from our local bays in Pyrmont near the fish markets in Sydney'. We use our current training vessel, a sturdy 7metre, 17th Century replica ships longboat. We feel the need to make a bigger impact and statement about the environment in Sydney and to the world.

'Aegir' (Ocean) is a 23metre replica Viking Longship and will become our Environmental Messenger Warrior and you can help continue our environmental causes fighting for your local bays to our coastlines and beyond.

Government grants have declined and more difficult to attain. The money you give will help 'Aegir' engage in greater environmental causes and issues.

Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club volunteers have almost fully restored 'Aegir' a replica 800A.D Gokstadt type Viking ship like 'Gaia' that sailed to Earth Summit 2000.

(Both are replicas of the original Gokstadt type ship housed in the Oslo Museum and featured in every Naval Architecture book).

Your contribution will help 'Aegir' and Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club participants continue the Pirates of Plastic ocean clean up we all need.

A bit about Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club

Initially we started with the following missions in mind:- to revive inner city community boating- to engage youth in maritime heritage- to provide community access to harbour culture boat building and restoration. Since being incorporated in July 2005 the club has supplied two boats and volunteer instructors for youth sail training. The club is currently working with youth centres, Miroma/Inala myability services, TAFE Outreach, Sydney public schools, Sydney Heritage Fleet and other community not for profit organisations. Together we are developing mentoring, team building, supportive networks and vocational programs in maritime activities. PHBC is here to aid young people in finding a career direction, learning skills and gaining a fun new hobby through our boating programs. Directed towards youths, PHBC teaches sailing qualifications, decorating boats and learning to build their own.

Pirates of Plastic Shanty

Pirates of plastic
think it's tragic
oceans are acidic

Join the plunder
ships of thunder
world is asunder

Forget the tragic
join the magic
into the cosmic

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