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Raising for the Read Triplets Inc

Raising for the Read Triplets Inc.


Raising for the Read Triplets Inc

Twelve year-old triplets Gideon, Anwen and Mahalah Read were each born with Merosin Deficient Muscular Dystrophy, and Restrictive Lung Disease. Each of the children have significant medical, mobility and independent living needs. They love life and currently live at home with their full time carer parents Jemimah and Ben. Some further information can be found on a recent story on the local ABC or on the website

Living in remote NSW, means there are constant obstacles that frustrate the triplets' independence and opportunities. 

The aims of Raising for the Read Triplets Inc. include:

  • Funding of a purpose built wheelchair and disability friendly home;
  • Provide the children with specialized medical equipment and mobility aid;
  • Provide the children a purpose built hydrotherapy pool
  • Provide the children long term educational support and access;
  • Provide Jemimah and Ben respite care and support;
  • Provide the family specialized and modified transport.

Current Position

Due to the children’s mobility needs, ongoing remedial requirements and chronic medical issues, the committee is currently looking to raise funds for a purpose built onsite hydrotherapy pool 

Hydrotherapy is essential to maintaining a greater quality of life for the triplets for the longest time possible.

Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain relief and treatment. It is different from swimming as it involves performing special exercises in a heated pool, focussing on controlled movements and muscle relaxation.

Studies suggest when patients with muscular dystrophy receive physiotherapy in association with hydrotherapy, measurable improvement in the quality of daily living may be obtained. These benefits include:

  • greater sense of freedom and range of movements due to buoyancy in the water
  • muscle relaxation and pain alleviation, through increased
    temperature of the water
  • greater range of movement and resistance provided by the water,
    which allowing for exercises that can strengthen the muscles
  • improved flexibility.

We invite you to share their adventures, and help Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon realise a full a life!

As they say, "Where there's a wheel, there's a way!"  -  

For more information on Merosin Deficient Muscular Dystrophy please visit

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