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Redfern Legal Centre Ltd.

Redfern Legal Centre Appeal

Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) opened its doors in 1977 and since has supported thousands of the most vulnerable members of our community gain access to justice.

Who we are

Legal help can provide a crucial intervention at a crisis point in a person's life. We provide free legal advice to people who could not otherwise gain access to legal assistance. By providing free, high-quality legal services to disadvantaged people in our communities RLC is helping marginalized individuals achieve justice.

What we do

  • Help women escape domestic violence
  • Fight discrimination and human rights violations
  • Give a voice to those who have have police complaints or who have been the victim of police misconduct
  • Advice and represent vulnerable tenants to prevent homelessness
  • Provide support for individuals facing employment disputes; such as unfair dismissal
  • Assist people experiencing credit and debt problems; such as being exploited by unfair lending practices
  • Government accountability.

In addition to providing legal advice and casework to disadvantaged Australians, RLC supports the community through education and advocacy.

Be a part of the solution

Australians believe in a fair society, but far too often disadvantaged individuals and communities are falling through the cracks. To achieve a fair society everyone should have equal access to our justice system. By donating to RLC you become part of the solution. Your gift could help:

  • $50: provides one hour of support and advice to help a woman escape domestic violence
  • $100: legal advice for a pregnant woman whose employment has been unlawfully terminated
  • $500: helps a non-English speaking client living in public housing stay in their home
  • $1,000: allows RLC to run a community education session to empower clients to advocate on their own behalf.

Find out more

Hear our clients' stories, learn more about our cases and hear how we are working to change unfair laws at 

Thank you for being a part of our story to change the lives of those in need! 

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