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Reverse Garbage

Help us move to our new home


Australia's largest creative reuse centre, Reverse Garbage has been based at Addison Road Community Centre for 45 years.  Unfortunately, the time has come for us to move when our lease ends in January 2022. 

Moving house is expensive - especially when your 'house' looks like ours!

As sad as we are about leaving our long-term home, we are looking at this move as an opportunity to explore and expand. We are talking with Inner West Council about relocating to their Summer Hill depot – so we will still be Inner Westies.

Our community is our strength, and we will need your help to make this transition happen.

Every dollar will help Reverse Garbage move and continue the significant environmental, educational and social impact we’ve been known for since 1975.

If you are able to, will you give a one-off or regular tax-deductible donation this end of financial year? All donations of over $2 receive a tax receipt so you can claim on your tax.

Your donation will help us RElocate

Our new digs at Summer Hill will need a lot of work to become fit for our purposes. We need to transform an empty shelter into a functional retail and operations space, and transform a dirt patch into a learning garden. Of course we will save where we can by using reuse resources, but labour costs large dollars.  

Once we’ve done this, we need to relocate the contents of the warehouse! We need to recreate the unique Reverse Garbage vibe in our new space. 

Your donation will help us continue to REcover resources

Each year we redirect around 250 tonnes of commercial and industrial waste from landfill to a new life with educators, artists, upcyclers, DIY enthusiasts, tinkerers, set builders, window dressers, community organisations, festivals, charities, and more.

Your donation will help us REeducate

Our education program reaches close to 20,000 people each year and every one of them is being encouraged to think differently about their waste. This is through preschools, primary and high schools, university and TAFE, school holiday and public workshops, community events and festivals like Biennale and Sydney Fringe Festival. 


Thank you so much for your help!



Help Reverse Garbage to reach their goal of $29,999

$14,583 raised

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Hut 8, 142 Addison Road


Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.