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Dear Friends,

We have never asked for your help, but we really need it now.

Can you help keep our doors open so we can make it to the other side - and make more face shields to protect our community.

Reverse Garbage is a not for profit charity and we need your support to  make it through this pandemic and be in a position to continue all the amazing work you know us for - diverting resources from landfill for creative reuse, and sustainability education - not to mention our social impact. 

The face shields you may have seen are a fantastic example of the kind of work we can do.

We found the resources and the volunteers to make 700 face shields to donate to health professionals around Sydney and beyond all within 48 hours from receiving a doctor's request for alternatives to Personal Protective Equipment.  To see the ABC7.30 story of what we've done so far, copy and paste this link into your browser -

The frontline workers NEED MORE, and we want to make more. And we will, with your financial assistance. 

Please donate to help Reverse Garbage stay open so we can continue to resource and distribute these important face shields to health workers who rely on them. All donors will receive a tax deductible receipt.

If you prefer to think about your donation in terms of face shields, every $1000 we raise will let us do another round of 700 face shields.

If you prefer to think about keeping the Reverse Garbage doors open, every $1000 will help us get through a week.

Reverse Garbage is an environmental charity in Sydney that rescues over 260 tonnes of industrial and commercial discards by giving them new life with educators and many others including artists, upcyclers, DIY enthusiasts, tinkerers, set builders, window dressers, community organisations, festivals and charities.

From leftovers to lifesaving

This face shield project has turned out to be the perfect case study for why it's important to rethink our waste. 

Each of the components for the first round of face shields was donated to us by companies who no longer had a need for the resource:

  • The elastic was donated by a wholesaler who closed down
  • Sturdy plastic sheets were actually folders donated by a company that had a stationery clear out
  • The double sided tape came as an end of roll from regular donor Husky Tapes 
  •  The foam offcuts come from the Foam Booth, leftover from their projects.

Each of these companies could have sent these items straight to landfill, but instead they chose to donate it to us for creative reuse.

Individually the items had no purpose, but together they became an extremely valuable resource that has been gratefully accepted by our legendary health professionals.

The spirit of the Reverse Garbage community was demonstrated in that madcap few days when volunteers lined up to collect the kits and return them to us. 

We are calling on our community for more of that spirit. 

"Fantastic work Kirsten and team at Reverse Garbage! These masks are now available on our ward. Also saw the ABC report tonight. Look forward to shopping again there soon." - Doug Strachan


Help Reverse Garbage to reach their goal of $20,000

$12,555 raised

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Hut 8, 142 Addison Road


Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.