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Reverse Garbage

Give, don't gamble


Do you remember what you spent on the Melbourne Cup last year?

In 2019, around $160 million was spent betting on Cup day in Australia, with about $106 million of that on the Melbourne Cup race.

And what do most of those punters have to show for it? Zip, nada, nothing. 

We’re asking you to rethink the $5, $50 or $1000 that you normally gamble on a three and a half minute race. Could it be better invested in Reverse Garbage? 

Your dollars will help keep our doors open so we can continue diverting commercial and industrial discards from landfill (like these spectacular glitter hearts). They’ll help us run our education programs encouraging the community to make reuse their first choice. This is particularly topical right now, with COVID-19 undoing all the progress Australians had made avoiding single use products.

So when you’re asked who you bet on, spread the word that you took a sure bet on Reverse Garbage. And they should too.

You can still enjoy the race of the nation without gambling – don your fascinators and  fancy threads, crack the champagne and watch the action knowing you won’t have wasted a cent. 

All donations over $2 will be issued with a deductible gift receipt.


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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.