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Rights Information & Advocacy Centre Inc.

Rights Information & Advocacy Centre Inc.

With your support RIAC will continue to provides information, support and advocacy to some of the most marginalised and disadvantaged people within Victoria and southern NSW.

The services we provide are often to those who are in crisis and feel mentally and physically exhausted.  Many of those we support are frail and aged, younger people with a disability and their carer's; have a physical, sensory or psychological disability, are at risk of homelessness, are vulnerable and isolated, suffered physical, mental, financial abuse, and have nowhere left to turn.

Many have cared for their loved one for all of their lives and are exhausted with the constant battle to have a voice and be heard.  Many have been caring for themselves or their family member and fighting for their rights for inclusion, equality, support and a fair go over many years. It is at this point, most often, when people find our advocacy services so important.

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