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Listening to different voices talk about problems can be challenging. But it also offers a unique perspective on the causes of those difficulties. It inspires us to get talking about original solutions to old problems.

That's our vision at Right Now: an Australia where people have informed and inspired discussions about human rights, equality and justice.

Art is a wonderful way to broach these difficult topics. It has the power to engage the heart and the mind, particularly when arguments simply seem to entrench long-held beliefs.

This year we're publishing some of the most interesting and challenging work on human rights anywhere in Australia. We're magnifying voices that tend not to get heard and we're confronting the mainstream discussion about what is happening in this country. From examinations of everyday racism and social exclusion to exploring the impact of government policies to highlighting the injustice of homelessness and beyond, our pieces challenge you to take another look and consider the world around you from someone else's perspective.

Please support our fundraising appeal and help us continue to stimulate the conversation in Australia, to pay our artists a fair wage and to enrich the cultural fabric of our nation.

We are entirely independent and rely on our wonderful supporters to keep doing what we do.

"The thing I love about Right Now - and I've written for them before, and I'm a strong reader of the journal - is that they do tackle serious and important social issues, but they are wonderful at producing essays in an accessible manner, that is both highly intelligent for a reader and accessible to that lay public." - Tony Birch

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