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Bower Reuse and Repair Centres

Fight for Your Right to Repair!


Donate today for your right to repair and for a sustainable future. 

The Bower aims to raise $25,000 to fight for your right to repair, and to grow its award winning practical environmental programs including Australia's first Community Repair Cafes, our community Men's and Women's Sheds, and 'rent-a-bench' program. 

Our 'throw away' culture, fuelled by corporate strategies of 'planned obsolescence' (use it until it breaks, throw it away, buy a new one) is generating a hard waste crisis.  Mountains of electrical and household items cover the footpaths at council clean up, ending up in landfill. The environmental cost of increasing toxins in the soil, air pollution, and rising carbon emissions cannot be sustained. 

The Bower's Right to Repair campaign aims to fund practical hands on solutions to the waste crisis such as our expanding network of Community repair cafes and Community Sheds, as well as policy and legislative solutions.

At our community Repair Cafes, anyone can bring their broken items, have a cuppa and we’ll put you on the path to fixing them, with free advice and assistance from skilled repairers. But our funding is running out, and we need your help to continue and grow our Repair Cafes.  

Our community sheds are places where you can take part in workshops and develop repair skills in a collaborative supportive setting. And our rent-a-bench program gives everyone affordable access to the tools and workspace they need to repair, restore and revive household items. 

Your donation will also help the Bower run a strong media, political and community advocacy campaign to

·         fight for citizens 'Right to Repair' their household and electrical items,

·         policies and practices to drastically cut waste and pollution,

·         achieve real, lasting social change in living sustainably.

The Bower Re-use and Repair Centre has played a vital role for more than 20 years in fostering a culture of sustainability, re-use and repair and your support will help ensure the Bower continues to fulfil its environmental and social mission for the next 20 years and beyond.

The 'Right to Repair' movement is growing around the world. In the United States, France, Germany and other contries we are seeing the right to repair beginning to be enshrined in legislation - making it mandatory for spare parts, repair manuals and repairs to be provided free of charge in some cases. 

With your help, the Bower will engage a 'Right to Repair' campaigner to achieve the introduction of best practice laws and policies that secure your Right to Repair.  

And with your help, the Bower has grand plans for the next 12 months to expand our innovative and award winning programs including our Community Repair Cafes, our community sheds, and our 'rent a bench' program -  to give opportunities to all members of our community participate in 'the circular economy'.

Donate now to secure every citizen's right to repair and to live sustainably.  Thank you!



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