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RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees)

RISE Drop-In Centre Appeal


Our Drop-In centre currently operates in the Melbourne CBD and is open to all refugees, ex-detainees and asylum seekers. It is opened 7 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm. Currently there are over 400 asylum seekers, ex-detainees and refugees who access RISE’s drop-in centre each week.

Within the City of Melbourne, there very few places which offer a safe haven for asylum seekers, ex-detainees and refugees; our aim is to have a space that is open 7 days a week and allows people to build social networks while gaining confidence and support.

The drop-in center will enable us to engage more volunteers to assist our members, and will alleviate their waiting time to seek assistance. In addition, we will be able to deliver more capacity-building projects. Your donation will support 10 key areas, including:

1. A free Computer lab (with Internet facilities, as well as free refreshments and snacks) and weekly computer literacy workshops;

2. A crisis service referral hub (including emergency accommodation and medical information); and assistance with accessing and navigating legal services;

3. Employment & Resume Clinics: The Centre will facilitate pathways to employment for refugees by providing training, job search support and assistance with resume and interview preparation;

4. Settlement support services that will offer flexible settlement solutions that are individually tailored to address the circumstances and preferences of each of our members, on a best fit basis;

5. Drop-in centre Resource Library (books, magazines, news articles and settlement support materials);

6. The RISE Food Bank: The Food Bank will address the initial critical needs of refugees and asylum seekers within our community by providing access to free dry food, fresh and canned fruit/vegetables;

7. Homework and language support programs on weekends as well as after school high school tutoring programs;

8. Workshops for 'L' and 'P' plates including preparations for driving tests, road safety workshops and theoretical driving lessons;

9. A social networking space and community message board (including information on festivals, upcoming events and news pertaining to relevant creative industries, including visual arts, performing arts, music, theatre, writing and publishing and exhibitions);

10. Music, poetry, creative writing, and arts residencies for adults and kids.

We urge you to lend us your support by making a tax-deductible donation. We need your help to keep this organisation thriving. Your donation will assist our dedicated volunteers to provide essential services directly to refugees, asylum seekers, adults and entire families. With your help, we can build a better and stronger future for all.

Support the self-determination of refugees, ex-detainees and asylum seekers in Australia by supporting RISE.


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