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Royal Society of NSW

RSNSW Archives—Evaluation and Restoration


The Royal Society of NSW has an extensive archive and collection of objects, some of which are displayed at the 200th anniversary NEXUS Exhibition that will open at the State Library of NSW in December 2021, following the lifting of the COVID lockdown restrictions.  

While the restoration of some of the archives required for NEXUS has been generously supported by the membership of the Society, there is much more to be done.

The preparations for NEXUS have revealed the true extent of the archives and how valuable these are in terms of the early history of NSW.  This current funding drive seeks to implement a project to provide professional evaluation and documentation of the Society’s archives, under the supervision of the Society’s Honorary Archivist.  

The outcome of this project will prioritise the future restoration, display, and public access to these important archives.

$8,086 raised so far

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