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Support Association For The Women of Afghanistan (SAWA)

Education Centre for Women in Rural Afghanistan SAWA (NSW)


The Centre in Qalatak village in Nangarhar Province provides classes for girls who have not been to school and to widows and others suffering from the poverty caused by ongoing conflict. Your donations go towards offering hope for a better future for those in most need.

Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan continues to be a centre of terrorist conflict and home to many refugees returning from Pakistan as it shares a border and is the main route into the country from Pakistan. In addition, women in rural areas are subject to very traditional expectations that limit their access to education.  The Centre offers classes in English, computers, literacy and handcrafts.

The Education Centre is managed by OPAWC, Organization Promoting Afghan Women’s Capabilities, a secular independent organisation of Afghan women which focuses on education, health and women’s rights. They depend on funding from SAWA to pay staff, rent, security and materials.  $100 would pay a teacher’s salary for a week, $50 half the weekly rent for 6 rooms and $30 would provide materials for handcrafts or a new computer.


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